At Panda Star Kitchen, which is adding 15 stores a month, this new light food brand is making Gen Z chic with “original.

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In recent years, there has been a boom in healthy food.At the production end, the number of operators increases linearly, gradually accounting for 10% of the total income of catering within five years;At the consumer end, orders for a single platform reached 26.62 million in a year, with the growth rate of order quantity and consumption sum both exceeding 150%.Choose Well, as a new healthy food brand, uses ready-to-eat products to break the traditional healthy food status quo of “uneven hot and cold”, and improve the current problems of poor taste and nutritional imbalance of light food and meal replacement. In a single month, it opens 15 restaurants in Panda Star Kitchen, with an average daily quantity of 300+, setting off a new wave of light food.In 2016 to 2018, light food healthy food brand has set off a frenzy, at least 1 billion capital into the market, there are more than 10 independent light food brand obtained more than 10 million financing.In the post-epidemic era, healthy food has become a popular choice for entrepreneurship.According to Euromonitor international, China’s light food replacement market is expected to reach 120 billion yuan in 2022.According to Jiang Zhengwei, co-founder of Chusi Flavor, the rise of healthy food is mainly the rise of both the consumer and the production end.From the consumer side, the rise of generation Z consumer group.Compared with previous years, the cost of education is lower and disposable income is higher.According to the report of 2021 Chinese chain restaurant industry, the online users of Generation Z have reached 320 million, accounting for nearly 30% of the total Internet users.Z generation with the pursuit of novelty, fashion, cool, pay attention to the consumption idea of experience, and we have more than the previous generation of consumer personality expression, at the same time, the young people to the attention of the health degree, more than ninety percent of young people have health consciousness, and have to do something, for instant food with “low” to pay more attention to label product.From the operation side, the market is mature and the supply chain is more complete, so that the start-up investment cost decreases.Relevant practitioners introduce that 80,000 to 100,000 yuan can open a franchise store to do takeout, except for the increase of takeout platform and various concessions, the profit can reach 40%-50%, if the operation is good, the capital can be recovered in a short time.Simple and easy to copy business model, repurchase rate as high as 50%…All of these factors have combined to make healthy food attractive to a growing number of entrepreneurs.The personage inside course of study thinks, healthy meals today has a mature supply chain, the more and more after 90, 00 after consumption main force began to pay attention to lose fat, thin body, combined with the outbreak also let the public have unprecedented attention to health, as well as the attention of capital, category accounted for, geographical and human conditions at present, the outbreak of the user scale will continue in the future.Even so, the rise of the industry and the influx of people has crowded the track, making it hard to build a brand.”We found that healthy light food in China is still focused on salad dishes, which has not been innovated for many years, and cold meals are not in line with Chinese people’s pursuit of dining comfort.”Jiang Zhengwei, who has been studying light food and healthy food for many years, has found a breakthrough in light food.Pan Shiyi has read an article put forward countless questions, you will build a house, I know why to build a house;You write essays. I know why you write essays.You eat, I know why;You know live, I know why live…It is in this series of questioning, Pan Shiyi found the pursuit of the “meaning”, entrepreneurship is also.Yang Xi, who advocates a diversified healthy food culture, has found the blue sea in the Red Sea and developed a new light food category named “Choose Well Chu Si Wei” by combining Chinese and Western tastes with fresh stewed vegetable soup.”Original” represents original flavor, fresh ingredients retain original flavor and original nutrition, 0 added;”Si” on behalf of cooking, precise grasp each formula, the best formula the best collocation;”Taste” represents returning to the essence, satisfying the fresh and fashionable taste and returning to the original taste of healthy life.She hopes to bring a new light food brand with more choices, unique taste and more comfortable experience to young consumers.The brand positioning is like a pilot helmsman, clear development path, so Choose Well at the beginning of the take-off, quickly opened more than ten stores, become a small well-known chain brand in the field of light food in Beijing, loved by the majority of young consumers.There have been many entrepreneurs in the popular light food. In addition to independent entrepreneurial brands of light food, traditional catering and fitness service enterprises have also flooded into the light food track.Such as Yuanqi Forest investment in pastoral, McDonald’s launched a new series of light food products – Chabat, keep launched a new healthy light food brand Keeplite, and so on, it seems that they are sharing the dividends of this track, only lighter than the traditional light food can overtake the car in the corner.1, deep cultivation of products, do “temperature”, quality light food in the market, light food and health food mainly cold, hot, one is the traditional salad, vegetables, meat and sauce;The other is made into warm food, with hot rice, hot noodles and other dishes as the main side dishes, or the traditional fast food form, but Choose Well’s first taste is different, with instant thick soup as the main dish, with whole wheat bread, cheese bread and other staple food, become the representative of the new light food.We choose baikafu, the international top fresh food supplier, and the high-end supplier cooperated with starbucks, McDonald’s and hema. We only make healthy, high-end and safe food, and we are determined to make the TOP1 soup in China.Choose Well’s menu features five ready-to-eat soups from around the world, and new ones are released each month to diversify and differentiate the menu.”We had a repeat customer just after the new cream-based soup, and the customer’s feedback was that the soup was delicious. It was very comfortable to heat up a cup, and it would be even more comfortable to drink the soup with the taste of chengdu, my hometown.”Based on customer suggestions, chusimei’s team spent two months trying more than 30 different recipes to come up with a healthy, low-fat Sichuan sausage and kidney bean soup.Hungarian loin bean soup with spicy szechuan sausage, the rich and slightly spicy taste is wrapped in the fragrance of kale, providing a completely different food experience, low fat and low carb make delicious, creating another new light food soup with a new taste.2. The taste of delicious, good-looking, fun and light food is against humanity, and it is difficult to generate a good re-purchase rate and user stickiness. When a food does not have memory points and addiction in taste, it means that the product will most likely not be accepted by the mainstream market.But after watching and eating Choose Well’s first taste, which sells more than 300 singles a day, you will not have such a feeling, but more novel, which is mainly derived from the brand’s good looking and fun.Choose well chu Si Wei in addition to menu style design, brand VI let a person feel fresh, in the activity design is also super conventional play.For example, in the same product tasting event, Chu Si Wei sent out a sample by asking consumers to guess the type of ingredients used in the product.This approach can not only increase the interaction with customers, but also deepen consumers’ cognition of products and brand impression, increase consumption memory points, better improve the consumption value anchor and increase the re-purchase rate.Is the so-called, customer recognition is the best brand communication.The seemingly simple activity setting can convey the brand concept of Chusi-wei, “To experience different delicious food, adhere to the things we love, pursue the things we love, enjoy the joy brought by, and share different food experience with you who love life, is our choice.”0 3 Synergy layout onto the fast track light food this seemingly lively track, seems to have no imagination of the scenery.Do light food online, is an interlocking thing, a ring did not do, it is difficult to survive.”For dishes, if you come up with 10 different salads, you need to contact 150 kinds of ingredients.” Strict control is required from raw materials, production, distribution of customer groups and online operation. The test for operators is at the back end, and the real competition is actually in the supply chain.Relevant data show that in the consumption group of light food, 22-35 years old women accounted for 70%, the seed customer group is mainly fitness, weight loss crowd.At present, the main consumer group of light salad is more inclined to white collars and business people with certain consumption ability.Therefore, most light food and health restaurants will be located in the shopping center of the business circle, or near the office buildings in the CBD.However, in places that meet such site selection requirements, the rent and decoration costs of most stores are high. The physical stores are limited by SKU and customer unit price, so it is difficult to maintain the basic profits of the stores, and the rent cost becomes the biggest problem.Therefore, Chusi Wei chooses to cooperate with Panda Star Kitchen, relying on the professional site selection ability and operation management service of Panda Star Kitchen, so that they can set up shop quickly, but also can further achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.As for material selection, early selection and direction of high-end cheese flavor food supplies factory British carver cooperation, soup boil fresh system, each product contains high quality protein and can satisfy the consumers of daily energy balance prandial fiber, adopt international advanced high standard production facilities and without adding anti-corrosion technology, match the whole cold chain transportation professional supply chain security.Foresight is an essential skill for brand leaders.Chusiwei starts from the source of the supply chain to build fine, and in collaboration with the third party with dividends, from the beginning is the 1+1 model, after rapid development, it will increase exponentially and become a decisive chain brand.