A road to rural revitalization in the “economic depression” in eastern Guangdong

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Guangzhou, January 25, Xinhua News AgencyZhou Ke and Sun Fei, reporters of Xinhua News Agency, have a coastline of 191 kilometers and have been troubled by foreign garbage.There are more than 600,000 mu of arable land, there was a lot of abandoned land;There are hundreds of thousands of village sages, many people once only want to donate money, do not want to go back to their hometown.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the reporter visited Lufeng City in Shantwei, guangdong province, which is located in the east coast of Guangdong province, and found that this once “economic depression” has changed its appearance, improved its countryside and revitalized its industries in the tide of rural revitalization.Huang Xiande, a villager from Shanghai Village, Donghai Town, Lufeng City, was born after 1995. He has been working in Zhongshan city for 4 years. Recently, he decided to start his own business back home.When he returned to his village a week before the Spring Festival, he found that the once cluttered beach had become a clean tourist beach.In just a few months, it has become an “online celebrity check-in point”, with 20,000 visitors on weekends.”The average annual income of Shanghai villagers is about 16,400 yuan, and we are planning to double that in three years.”Hong Jinzong, party secretary of Donghai Town, said that Shanghai Village has seized the development opportunity of rural revitalization and is closely related to its position in lufeng’s “Valley town Slow City” demonstration belt of rural revitalization.Since 2021, Lufeng has planned 5 demonstration belts such as “Guxiang Slow City” in addition to the “Coastal Corridor” with certain construction foundation.Lu Feng appointed five municipal leaders as “leaders”, who went on stage to discuss ideas, show their achievements and find shortcomings, and competed for 200 million yuan of rural revitalization project construction funds. A total of four seasons of “challenge competition”.Chen Dezhong, standing Committee member of Shanwei Municipal Committee and Secretary of Lufeng Municipal Committee, said, “The ‘challenge Competition’ has played a vigorous role in mobilizing the initiative and enthusiasm of cadres and the masses.”Walking on the village road of Jinxiang town in Lufeng City, a series of red paintings are spread out on both sides.These works come from lufeng villager, shenzhen Dafen art Industry Association honorary president Wu Ruiqiu and other painters hands.In 2021, Lu Feng put public art on the agenda of rural revitalization.Invited by his hometown, Wu Ruiqiu proposed the idea of cultural tourism in combination with the glorious history of Hailufeng Revolutionary base and the red elements of Jinxiang Town, and gathered more than 100 painters to create resident works.”Jinxiang town red murals are further beaded into chains to show the charm of red culture.”Zhang Liping, party secretary of Jinxiang Town, Lufeng city, introduced that during the “July 1” period in 2021, the number of local people will reach 200,000, effectively driving the local income to increase by nearly 10 million yuan.Lufeng plays a good “xiang Xian” card and drives local development with “Lufeng people” distributed all over the world.In the past, many villagers were only willing to donate money, but now more people are willing to come back and invest.The sweet potato Industrial Park, located in Jieshi Town, Lufeng City, used to be a piece of sandy land. Nearby villagers scattered planting sweet potato and radish, but the yield was low due to the backward model.Today, thanks to technological innovation, sweet potato production has greatly increased.”Some abandoned land is becoming ‘10,000 yuan field’.For example, the ‘Longlongjin no. 5’ variety we launched, the yield per mu is about 2500 jin, hema fresh purchase price of 6.8 yuan per jin.”Lufeng plant dragon ecological agriculture development Co., Ltd. comprehensive department manager Zhong Zuolin said.The field is still the same field, not only to enlarge the agricultural “stock”, Lu Feng will also focus on the “increment” of the Marine economy.Hundreds of blades line up near the Mingyang Smart Offshore Wind Power Industrial Park in Lufeng.”The key to rural revitalization is industrial revitalization.”Chen dezhong said that Lufeng adheres to the principle of revitalizing the city through agriculture, industry and commerce, expanding the Marine economy and cultivating the digital economy, and running out of the “acceleration” of rural revitalization.In 2021, Lufeng will add 10,193 new market entities, with a total of 64,300 market entities.Its GDP exceeded 40 billion yuan, ranking among the fastest in Guangdong.(after)