To sympathize or to provoke: Aunt Du: Everyone’s scolding is the biggest encouragement to me

2022-06-09 0 By

Du has finally made good on her broken promise and opened a new live broadcast for 2022.On the first day of the lunar New Year, Du launched a live broadcast. Due to the speed of her speech and the half-proficiency of her native Putonghua, netizens only saw guo crying, but did not hear exactly what she wanted to say.However, the an listened carefully, still really hear out a word: everyone’s scold, is the biggest encouragement to me.I rebroadcast, rebroadcast, Du Aunt this words clearly.Immediately, I was dumbfounded, speechless, terrified, cold, transfixed for a long time.Did Aunt Du say this to gain sympathy?Netizens visible, whether before or now, both she and her mother-in-law war, live in the male screen at least half of the bristle, not nagged her lie, do false evidence, is nagged her daughter-in-law grab house, assault, but their old woman daughter-in-law always take no answer, no interaction, don’t take a reason, no excuse of “four principles”,Always turn a blind eye and turn a deaf ear.How New Year new atmosphere, scold became the biggest encouragement?Was there a plea for mercy, for mercy, for food?Is Aunt Du trying to provoke me by saying this?Sharp-eyed netizens have found that the other sister and younger brother of a few people’s four or five accounts, have been banned, and are organized, deliberately.However, Du aunt and Xiong Lei’s account has been maintained very good, has not been thrown into the basket.It is said that liu Liu teacher, Pan Law, Li Law and other people in the live broadcast, have been voted to stop, although people have to ban their destruction of public order and good customs people’s accounts, but, no one like them behind the move.In this way, is it to encourage them to some kind of arrogance: see, you scold you, I sow mine, deliberately provocative, how to ignore me?I remember Aunt Du once said she lived like a joke and so on.The abuse of netizens, can be regarded as the biggest encouragement, such a life is not a joke is what?