There are 24 kinds of plants with the Chinese character “tiger”, some of which are unknown to you. How many do you know?

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Abstract: The New Year for us like flowers and grass flower friends, the most happy, because the beginning of spring, indicating that everything began to wake up, very colorful is not far away.Impatient a few flower friends have been calculating this year to plant some of what varieties of flowers, and this year is the year of the tiger, do you want to cultivate the name with “tiger” word flowers?Not only will you be happy, but you’ll also learn a lot. Check out what you know.1, tiger pilan tiger pilan alias also called tiger tail orchid, brocade orchid, etc., is a perennial herbaceous leaf plant.Very popular with flower friends, indoor cultivation, can play a decorative home, air purification effect.It likes a moist and warm environment. Although it likes light, it only needs enough scattered light to grow well. It is a rare lazy plant.2, tiger plum is a kind of shrub, although humble, but the four seasons evergreen, perennial flowering, is a very good can decorate the home environment of a kind of flowers, although the flowers are not big, but the bright red color is also very bright and eye-catching.Usually breeding can be in a good scattering light environment, can also be appropriate to increase the light, relatively drought resistant, is also a very good breeding flowers, but pay attention to its thorns, it is still very painful.3, giant knotweed will rarely heard buddy, it is a kind of perennial herbaceous plants, flowering between August and September, more commonly grown in hillside, thickets, valleys, etc, are mainly some warm, humid environment is relatively common, and it has very strong resistance, especially the infection of some plant diseases and insect pests, basic won’t get sick.4, tiger orchid lycoris is a perennial herb, also called ox tongue orchid, do you know it?Is a kind of leaves, but also can view the four seasons of evergreen flowers, and flowering as long as 2 months, very suitable for indoor breeding, prefer to stay in a warm and humid environment, so, to do a good job of its ventilation needs.5, tiger ear grass it has many nicknames, like stone lotus leaf, golden thread hanging hibiscus, golden silk lotus leaf and so on, flower and fruit period from April, can continue to November, not only as a ornamental flowers, but also a Chinese herbal medicine, the whole plant can be used as medicine.However, we who like flowers and plants must pursue their appearance level and cultivation value.You can keep your favorite flowers at home.6. Tiger palm flower “looks like Pinellia but is big, with four sides such as tiger palm”.This is the description of tiger palm flower in the ancient “Notes on Materia Medica”, which is very vivid.It is a perennial herb, flowering from June to August, fruiting from September to November.At present, it is only found in China. It is a kind of plant unique to China, common in some dark and humid places such as forest, valley and stream side.7, the tiger must be the perennial herbaceous flowers, flowering and between April and November, ornamental value is higher, the whole shape like a black butterfly fly, thus you can know it is extremely rare, after all, the black flowers of plants is also rare, like a cool environment, live in humid warm environment.8, tiger taro is also called Taiwan aunt taro, guanyin lotus, etc., is a perennial herb.Tiger taro is suitable for placing in indoor living rooms, balconies and other places, because of the larger plant type, great ornamental value, is a more popular leaf plants.Tiger taro like warm and humid environment, indoor breeding temperature should be controlled at 20℃ to 25℃, humidity can not be less than 60%, strong vitality, good breeding.9, tiger’s tail grass is a common weed, more common in farmland, wasteland and other places, can also be used as a variety of livestock food grass, but that is popular in pastoral areas, in grain areas, is the need to remove weeds in time, because of strong vitality, perennial, need to use drugs to remove.Yellow tiger said yellow tiger must be a lot of flower friends are not familiar with, but when it comes to forsythia, we all know that yellow tiger is its alias.Every year in March to April is its flowering period, covered with golden color, very beautiful, but also charming flowers, is a very beautiful ornamental plants, suitable for planting in the yard.11, black tiger, it has very many aliases, and very good to listen, like to alignment, three hundred and twenty silver, red, etc., are the plant, black tiger is a kind of vines, flowering in April to July, and also can eat its fruit, nutritional value very high, while planting the difficulty is not big, strong resistance, high temperature can hardy also ability, very easy to cultivation.12, Boston ivy vine, a kind of vines, strong climbing ability, strong adaptability, and is the preferred very good landscaping plants, but also has a strong effect on the application of family, can be used to climb the wall, corridor and so on, also can design a variety of unique shapes, like damp environment, but I don’t afraid of light,Your favorite flowers can be planted on the side of the wall or in a small yard.13, Tiger’s tail ferns is a fern, suitable for cultivation in a cool indoor environment, is a very good leaf plant.And the more common maidenhair fern, Boston fern and other collocation cultivation, appearance level is higher.Plant in moist and warm conditions, but pay attention to ventilation.Cultivation can play a very good ornament in the indoor household effect.14, tiger tongue first a kind of relatively small shrubs, flowering in between June and July, the fruit mature results between November to January, is a kind of both can view leaf can also view fruit plants, ornamental Jia interlingual transfer is very high, it is ted purple leaf, both sides are covered with fluff, and its bright red fruit can be perennial hung above the plants.15. Tiger’s head orchid is a kind of epiphytic herb of orchidaceae. It has a long flowering period and can bloom from January to April.Wild plants probably grow on trees in some woods, or on rocks near streams, swamps, etc., but they are not very common.16, tiger yan flower it belongs to the wild peony family, a perennial herbaceous plant, is the national level 1 protected plant, its leaves are huge, beautiful leaves, but the flower bud is very dewy, flowering in November, fruit in March.Can be raised in warm and humid environment, can not tolerate drought, can not be exposed to direct sunlight.Tiger eye evergreen is a very beautiful flower, flowering in July to August, can be cultivated indoors, and control the ambient temperature, can also bloom in winter.Its shape resembles the eye of a tiger, so it is called tiger eye evergreen, which is of high ornamental value.Its message is: Friendship lasts forever, youth lasts forever.Trust its popularity.18, tiger’s tail pearl is a common herb flowers, grow in hillside, roadside, stream, field and other humid environment, is also one of the weeds used to feed pigs in the countryside.But it will flower and bear fruit, and the level of appearance is not bad, the flowering period is concentrated between May and July, fruit ripening in October.It’s very common in the countryside.Tiger claw flower in many places also known as eagle claw flower, eagle claw orchid, is a kind of climbing shrubs, can be cultivated in the small yard, made into a fence, can also be cultivated next to the wall, climbing to the wall of the hospital, very beautiful.It flowers in May, can flower until August, when the flowers fade, can bear fruit, about December can be mature, can be more cultivation.Tiger spot wood this is a small foliage plant suitable for potted plants, its branches are relatively thin, and when flowering, but also with fragrance, placed in any indoor environment, is very good.Especially tiger spot wood body has golden spots, meaning very auspicious, many old people like to raise a few POTS at home.21. Gold tiger tail is a positive plant, which is not suitable for indoor cultivation. It needs to be cultivated in a sunny environment, and requires full sunshine.Prefer high temperature, humid environment.Its flowering period in summer and autumn, can be cultivated in a small yard for viewing.It is a kind of evergreen shrub in four seasons, mostly used for ornamental trees in landscaping gardens, not seen in private homes.Tiger sting it is another name for citrate, also known as cat sting.Everyone is very familiar with the city’s green, parks, squares and other places, can be seen everywhere.It is a kind of green plant that has been widely used.Its glossy branches and leaves, dark green color, red fruit, hanging fruit for a long time, high ornamental value, is a very good gardening, greening with varieties.Tiger tongue orchid was only discovered by mountain patrol personnel in Mangshan Mountain Reserve in 2019. It is a new orchid. It is white in color and has no chlorophyll.And it is a saprophytic orchid, very difficult to cultivate, very rare.Summary: we also know what plants and flowers with tiger word, you can interact with Juanzi in the comment area, ok, thank you.Grow flowers with Juanzi!