The port has introduced a number of measures to encourage migrant workers to celebrate the Spring Festival locally

2022-06-09 0 By

With the Spring Festival approaching in 2022, quangang District has formulated measures to encourage migrant workers from other places to celebrate the Spring Festival in quangang, in light of local conditions, in order to support enterprises to stabilize their posts and work, coordinate epidemic prevention and control and promote economic and social development.We will carry out Spring Festival condolence activities.During the Spring Festival (January 2022 on February 15, 31 solstice) leave port of springs on New Year’s day on the rules of industrial enterprises, the limit of trade enterprises, district level and above key projects under construction province foreign springs harbor workers (data according to the telecommunications and travel card, social security payments and other historical documents), giving each 500 yuan solatium, uniformly apply to the competent department in charge of by enterprise, distribute,And report to the district department of human resources and social security.We visited the people of New Spring Harbor and sent “Spring Festival gift package” and “Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner”.Carry out swimming activities.During the Spring Festival, the non-local enterprise employees who stay in Spring Harbor and come to work in Spring Harbor with their personal ID cards and union membership cards (or union introduction letters) can take buses for free, visit the 3A scenic spots of Hongxing Ecological Park, and travel to Hui Yu Island by passenger ferry for free;You can visit the designated scenic spots of “Free Tour quanzhou” in 2022.Priority delivery service activities.Guide catering service units to control the number of diners in restaurants (restaurants) during the Spring Festival holiday, and encourage priority to provide customized take-out service and group meal booking and distribution service for non-Quanzhou enterprise employees who stay in Quanzhou Port for the Spring Festival.Employment awards and subsidies support enterprises to keep stable jobs.Key enterprises identified by the District Industry and Information Technology Bureau as actively taking measures to stabilize the workforce (the reduction rate shall not be higher than the national urban survey unemployment rate at the end of 2020) and maintaining continuous production in the month of Spring Festival in 2022 (the electricity consumption in February 2022 shall not be lower than 70% in December 2021),Specific according to the enterprise to participate in the number of unemployment insurance workers per 1,000 yuan to give a one-time stable employment award, the maximum amount of award and subsidy is not more than 150,000 yuan.Vocational skills training supports enterprises to maintain stable employment.During the Spring Festival, migrant workers who have obtained special competency certificates will be given subsidies of 500 yuan per person;Those who have obtained vocational qualification certificates shall be subsidized according to the standard of 700 yuan per primary worker, 1000 yuan per intermediate worker, 1500 yuan per senior worker, 2000 yuan per technician and 3000 yuan per senior technician.