Starting at 8.39W, the 2022 Chevrolet Corvalds will be available. Can you accept this three-cylinder?

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The 2022 Chevrolet Corvaldez has officially hit the market.There are four models with different configurations, and the official guide price is between 83,900 yuan and 99,900 yuan.As the “veteran soldier” in the joint venture compact car within 100,000 yuan, what is different about the new model?Let’s take a look at it with the car player.According to the comparison, as an annual model, the appearance of the 2022 Kovac has not changed significantly, but the configuration functions of some models have been adjusted.Specifically, the onStar system, which includes crash help, vehicle location and 24-hour customer service advisors, was eliminated on the new top-of-the-line model.But the addition of in-car apps and remote OTA upgrades, as well as a multi-functional steering wheel, reversing video and one-click window lift, are good.The top-tier models have also been modified to include 16-inch wheels, sunroofs, leather steering wheels, faux leather seats, daytime running lights and automatic headlights.The second-tier model has front armrest, steering wheel up and down adjustment, 4 sound system, bluetooth phone.There are few configuration adjustments, but they are all useful.In terms of the continuation of the three-cylinder power, I learned that the 2022 Chevrolet Corvalds 320 Manual motor version is equipped with a 1.3L naturally aspirated three-cylinder engine, with a maximum power of 79kW and a peak torque of 130N·m. The transmission system is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission.The other three automatic models are equipped with a 1.0-ton turbocharged three-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 92kw and a peak torque of 180N·m, and a six-speed manual transmission.Most automakers have been known to avoid three-cylinder models, or to introduce four-cylinder models at the same time, but Kovac is an exception.Doesn’t Chevrolet know that three-cylinder engines don’t sell well?Why do we insist on changing to three cylinders?The kid thinks Chevy’s thinking is: As long as the price is low, it’s the right thing to do.With sales of 1,610 units in January 2022, according to the Association, the Chevrolet Corvaldez appears to have a low presence in the crowded compact segment.In addition, considering that the adjustment range of the new model is not large, it is expected that the market performance of the 2022 Kovaltz will only increase a little without significant fluctuation.Now the price of the old model after the terminal discount of more than fifty thousand, are nearly close to the pricing range of the minicar, the new model after a period of time should be the same.So the question is, if you have a friend who doesn’t need much motivation, would you recommend him to buy a Corvaz?Edit/Sugeng