Gong Jun and Bai Jingting are among the top ten most popular actors in January. Are your love beans on the list

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January of ten most popular actor, Gong Jun, Bai Jingting list, your love bean list recent hit TV series is a then a, a lot of play are all very good, have various types, and the actor’s acting is very good, a lot of popularity of actors is have been soaring, small make up today to share last January 10 actors welcome,Do you have any love beans?In recent years, Bai Jingting’s popularity is really getting higher and higher. After appearing in “The Beginning”, the audience said bai Jingting’s acting is too superb. No matter what play he plays, he will take it seriously.2, Xiao Zhan this serious acting actor is really too pleasing, in the play as “Trump Card”, performance is still very good, and there are many new plays to be broadcast.Xiao zhan sunshine handsome, believe that the future will be better and better.Zhang Ruoyun’s Sword Walking in the Snow is a great drama with a high ratings and polarizing reviews. However, Zhang’s acting skills are all there for everyone to see, and he’s also handsome.4, Wang Yibo Wang Yibo as a theorem actor, handsome, this year and Huang Xuan starred in the “Wind from Luoyang,” the play whether ratings or word of mouth is very good, and Wang Yibo also began from the flow of actors into actors.5, Li Yifeng Li Yifeng after many years again in “Mirror Two Cities”, costume obviously feel fat, but fortunately Li Yifeng’s acting is ok, so this drama is also very worth following.Gong Jun’s performance in the emotional drama Sleeping Garden is very good, since the period drama is popular, gong Jun’s acting skills are excellent, resources can also be, good looks, and Gong Jun’s acting is great.7, Zhao Jinmai zhao Jinmai and Bai Jingting in the “beginning” kind of performance is really very good, the lines are also very solid, and in the play’s eyes, emotions are very in place.As a child star, she has a promising future.8, Chen Yuqi Chen Yuqi’s popularity in recent years is very good, but in the mirror twin Cities after the word of mouth is general, a big production drama, actors acting, modelling a set of special effects are very general, but Chen Yuqi is also very aura, popularity is also very good.9, Zhong Hanliang zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran played “This life has you” can be said to be the ceiling of middle-aged love, two people are also after “too late to say love you” again after cooperation, whether acting or appearance level is very good, Zhong Hanliang is really not old male god, handsome.10, Huang Jingyu has to say, Huang Jingyu’s acting is really very good, a man in the entertainment industry military service, in the “Trump Card” kind of performance is also very good, but also in the “Lucky to meet you” as the overbearing president, can be said to be true colors.Today, I would like to share with you the 10 most popular actors and actresses in January. Don’t know your favorite one among them?Feel free to share them in the comment box below.