Further implementation of the “mu yield theory hero” Hubei will carry out the “one yard of land” pilot

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Hubei Daily news (reporter Zhu Hua) February 9, from the province’s natural resources work meeting, in order to protect limited land resources, improve the level of economical and intensive use of land, this year my province will be in-depth implementation of the “per mu yield theory hero”, explore the pilot “one yard of land”, the implementation of the whole life cycle management of land.”The hero of yield per mu” is a new mechanism to evaluate the land benefit with the core index of average output value of land per mu, aiming to get as much output with as little land input as possible.The implementation of “per mu yield theory hero”, source control is the key.This year, the province will improve the land use standards and evaluation policy system, establish the rigid restraint mechanism of economical and intensive land use in the generation stage of major construction projects, and link the arrangement of new construction land use plan with the disposal of stock land, so as to promote the development and utilization of inefficient land.In order to promote land fine management, will explore the pilot “yard”, namely to give each a unique newly-increased construction land land code, the only code like id card, through examination and approval, supply, completion inspection and acceptance of all the business process, realize the provincial, city and county levels of information sharing, to prevent illegal land use cases.It is also necessary to have a serious assessment.The provincial Department of natural resources introduced that this year will organize the city (state), county economy, development zone and industrial enterprises and other four categories of “mu yield theory hero” assessment, and release the “hero list”, the top will be given new construction land plan index and farmland fill index provincial overall qualification award.All kinds of development zones are key areas for land conservation and intensification. This year, “standard land” transfer will be fully implemented in development zones. Before land transfer, land planning environmental assessment and geological disaster assessment will be carried out.The stock land in the development area will be cleaned up comprehensively.The provincial Department of Natural Resources introduced that it issued 21 land support policies last year to fully serve hubei’s major strategic deployment and project construction such as building hubei into an important national growth pole, building hubei into a high-tech province, and building “51020” industrial system, providing 464,000 mu of land for the whole year.In order to make full, reasonable and efficient use of land, the “1+9” land use standard and assessment policy system of mu yield theory have been fully formed in our province. Last year, 108,500 mu of idle land and 154,700 mu of unsupplied land were digested respectively, exceeding the national task.95,000 mu of “standard land” was transferred, 4.5 times the total of the previous two years, pushing the project to start five months ahead of schedule on average.Source: Hubei Daily.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: zmdtvw@163.com