Bad breath can be a sign of serious illness.How does Traditional Chinese medicine treat it

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Bad breath isn’t a big problem, but you shouldn’t underestimate it.In fact, this is the early symptoms of a variety of diseases, if not timely prevention and treatment, sooner or later will be a big problem.(1) Gingivitis, periodontitis, dental caries, etc., may lead to the occurrence of bad breath, but the most common cause of bad breath is still periodontitis.If not treated in time, the number of oral flora will be greatly increased, periodontitis, gingivitis, oral ulcers occur frequently, the deterioration of gingival atrophy is accelerated, when it is serious, it will make alveolar bone absorption, tooth loosening, and finally lead to tooth loss.(2) The number of intestinal EScherichia coli and Helicobacter pylori in patients with severe halitosis was at least 200 times higher than that in other populations, and at least 150 times higher than that in other populations.If not treated in time, gastritis, gastric ulcer, enteritis will be significantly aggravated.(3) Patients with severe halitosis are prone to constipation and hemorrhoids.Severe bad breath that has not healed for years is often a precursor to stomach cancer.In addition, bad breath will also make patients dare not close contact with people, resulting in psychological inferiority, affect normal interpersonal and emotional communication, it is very distressing.Chinese medicine believes that oral abnormalities, and liver, spleen, gallbladder, heart and other viscera dysfunction related, such as heart and qi, temper is not transport, liver and gallbladder damp heat, so patients taste abnormal changes often as one of the basis of TCM diagnosis and treatment of diseases.There are several common types of bad breath.Bitter mouth bitter mouth more by mood stagnation or five chi polarization fire, gallbladder depression fire accumulate, dredging dereliction of duty, bile overflow caused by.The symptoms are bitter and upset mouth, dry mouth and desire to drink, dizziness and headache, abdominal distension and pain, yellow urine, dry stool, sharp red tongue edge, thin coating or yellow greasy, pulse string number.Bitter mouth is often concerned with abnormal metabolism of bile, more common in acute and chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, gallstones, etc.Mouth-sweet, also known as “mouth-sweet”, refers to patients often feel sweet in the mouth, drink white water also feel sweet, mostly caused by spleen and stomach hot steaming or spleen and stomach qi Yin deficiency.Hot steaming of spleen and stomach is manifested as sweet mouth, dry mouth to drink, sore lips and tongue, dry stool, yellow urine, red tongue, yellow and dry moss, and strong pulse number.The deficiency of spleen and stomach qi and Yin is manifested as sweet mouth, no thinking of diet, dry mouth wanting to drink but not much, fatigue, constipation, short yellow urine, tender red tongue with little moss, weak pulse and so on.Sweet mouth is common in diabetes and digestive disorders.Acid in the mouth is mostly caused by spleen deficiency and liver multiplication, which is manifested as sour feeling in the mouth, or vomiting sour vomiting bitter, or belching too much, and the grain is not fragrant. After eating, the abdomen is bloated, fatigued, loose stool is thin, tongue coating is white, and the pulse is thin or slow.Oral acid is more common in gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, etc.Salty mouth is common in kidney deficiency, which is distinguished by Yin deficiency and Yang deficiency. Its common symptoms are sore back and sore legs, frequent urination at night, and general weakness.Kidney-yang deficiency was manifested as fear of cold, cold limbs, pale fat tongue with teeth marks, and weak pulse.Kidney Yin deficiency accompanied by dry throat, mouth dryness, dizziness, tinnitus, thin red tongue coating, pulse heavy fine and weak.Saltiness in mouth is common in chronic nephritis, chronic pharyngitis and oral ulcer.Spicy mouth spicy mouth refers to the mouth often feel spicy or spicy tongue, such as eating chili feeling, often caused by lung heat or stomach heat.The common taste of lung heat is spicy, dry nasopharynx, irritability and thirst, yellow urine, red tongue and yellow moss, smooth pulse, etc.People with hot stomach often have hot mouth, dry mouth and tongue, hunger, epigastric burn, swelling and pain of gums, dry stool, red tongue, thick moss, slippery pulse and so on.Hot mouth is more common in hypertension, perimenopausal syndrome, long-term low fever, etc.Weak mouth is mostly spleen and stomach weakness, manifested as no taste, fatigue, lack of breath, abdominal distension, loose stools, light tongue, slow and weak pulse.Common in digestive system and endocrine system diseases, malnutrition, vitamin and trace element deficiency can also be seen in the mouth.Greasy mouth greasy mouth refers to sticky mouth, stagnation and astringency, even food do not taste, caused by cold and dampness trapped spleen.The symptoms are sticky and greasy mouth, lack of thinking about food and drink, stuffy stomach, limb fatigue, loose stools, bad urination, light and fat tongue, white and greasy moss, smooth water, slow pulse and so on.Halitosis refers to bad breath coming out of the mouth, either consciously or by someone else’s smell.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the causes of bad breath are three, one is steamed on the stomach heat, accompanied by thirst and cold drinks, sores and erosion of the mouth and tongue, gingival red swelling and pain, dry stool, short yellow urine, red tongue moss yellow, pulse hong number.The second is phlegm-heat obstructing the lung, accompanied by chest pain and tightness, cough phlegm yellow and sticky, cough and vomit pus and blood, dry throat and dry mouth, yellow and greasy tongue coating, pulse condition and so on.The third is stomach and stomach food accumulation and sour taste in the mouth, accompanied by abdominal distension, acid belching, lack of diet, thick and greasy coating, slippery pulse, etc.Bad breath is more common in oral diseases and indigestion, such as periodontitis, pharyngitis, oral ulcer, dental caries, gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, stomach cancer and so on.Bad breath Try these pills but don’t stress out about bad breath.Be aware of your symptoms, and with professional guidance, you may only need to use a few simple Chinese medicines or a proprietary Chinese medicine to help you solve the problem.(1) Taste sweet: Take 9g of perrin, brew boiled water and drink.Also desirable tuckahoe, euryale seed, white lentil, tangerine peel, gardenia, coptis, Magnolia flower, patchouli each 15g, after decocting with water.(2) Bitter mouth: You can take Longdan Xie Gan Tang to clear liver and relieve heat, and reqing is bitter mouth.(3) oral acid: you can take Zuojin pill, if acid reflux heartburn is obvious, you can add Wubei SAN.Eat stagnant mouth acid can be used hawthorn, water decoction.(4) Spicy mouth: the heart is thick and the lungs are bright with fire. You can use Jiajiaxie White Powder to purge lung and clear heat, and can also use fresh bone skin decoction.(5) Mouth light: Shenling Baizhu Powder can be taken to strengthen the spleen and stomach.Oral odor Chinese medicine how to treat lung stomach yu heat symptoms: lung stomach yu heat attack caused by halitosis, dry nose, pharynx swelling pain, yellow nose;Tongue red moss less, pulse fine number.Treatment: Clear heat and reduce fire.Recipe: Aloe decoction plus or minus.Aloe vera 10g, licorice 5g, Ophiopogon 10g, Mulberry branch 10g, Red peony root 10g, Platycodon grandiflorum 6g, mint 5G, Schizonepeta schizonepeta 10g, Black Mountain 10g, Sinyi 10g.Stomach fire burning symptoms: bad breath, dry mouth, swollen gums, good hunger;Tongue red moss yellow less jin, pulse slippery number.Treatment: eliminate heat and reduce fire.Recipe: Addition and subtraction of Qingwei Powder.Rhizoma coptidis 6g, rehmannia glutinosa 20g, Tangpi and huoxiang 10g, Perilla stem 10g, buffalo horn 20g (fried first).Zang-fu real heat symptoms: constipation, bad breath, short red urine, upset;Tongue red moss yellow or yellow dry, slippery pulse number.Treatment: Nourishing Yin, clearing heat and relieving constipation.Recipe: Small chengqi decoction.Raw rhubarb 15g, paeony 10g, Aurantiorange 10g, Magnolia officinalis 10g, huoshen 10g, rehmannia glutinosa 20g, areca nut 10g.Kidney Yang deficiency symptoms: bad breath, body emaciation, soft waist and knees, dry mouth and dry throat.Treatment: Nourish Yin and nourish kidney.Recipe: Left to drink plus or minus.Cooked rehmannia glutinosa 10g, Yam 20g, wolfberry 10g, yam 10g, danpi 10g, Maidong 10g, tortoise shell 10g (yangchong), eucommia ulmoides 10g.Note: When using Chinese medicine, please use it under the guidance of a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner.Copyright Notice This article is selected from yuexiu Traditional Chinese medicine, recommended by yunnan Traditional Chinese medicine editor, all rights reserved by the original author.Executive Editor by Ma Rou