Attention in old Chinese!Don’t go into the woods if you don’t mind getting shot like a boar

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In January 2022, a villager hunting in a village in Luang Nam Thah province killed another person.According to police, Mr Pae Pa, 31, a resident of Nam Talaeng village, was killed before the incident.At 17:00, a shotgun was prepared to go hunting in the forest in the Nam Poun area.I thought it was a wild boar looking for food. After shooting, I heard a sound like a human. I went to look and found someone lying dead on the ground, but I didn’t know who it was.He then returned to the village to inform the village office of the above situation and went to check on Mr. Seng, a 34-year-old teacher from Viengsavang village, who was found dead.Upon preliminary investigation, the victim was found to have 4-5 bullet holes in his chest and right side, resulting in his death.A hunting rifle belonging to the deceased was also found.The police have arrested the above shooters, collected the shells of two shotguns, and will prosecute them.More overseas information: Myanmar return process, Myanmar return to the door surrender need what process?Chinese in Cambodia beware, a fall from heaven may not be a pie, but a trap