Too hungry!Gu Ailing eats leek box hot search, and finally found a goddess in common

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Small steamed bread said clear entertainment, gu Ailing in the near future is really fire.In today’s game, after the game rest of Gu Ailing, unexpectedly took out a leek box in the side to eat up, this matter instantly caused people hot discussion.Netizens who watched the game said with emotion that they had finally found the same fun as the goddess.First question: What does Gu Ailing like to eat in her daily life?Small steamed bun said that the entertainment is clear, Gu Ailing’s teacher is the top athletes in this profession.Although she lived in the United States as a child, she is still a Beijing girl and still loves Chinese food.During a recent competition gu attended, she even enjoyed a pie during a break.”I was so nervous watching the game,” said a netizen who saw the scene.Instead, she was calmly eating the cake!Later, after a close inspection by netizens, it turned out to be a well-known folk dish “leek box”.However, it is unexpected that Gu, the all-powerful athlete in the competition, still likes this folk food.In fact, xiao Mantou said wenyu also noticed that Gu likes to eat a lot of things on weekdays, from stewed fish to Peking duck, as well as a variety of snacks.In particular, the praise for Beijing roast duck is very high.Are you interested in any of the food Gu Ailing likes to eat?Netizen second question: Why is Gu Ailing so popular?Many people think Gu is an immortal genius.First of all, Gu Has a very good academic record.In the project she is not good at, she can still surpass herself and then win the glory that belongs to her.Second, Gu is extremely down-to-earth in life.As we all know, if the light from the appearance of words, that is a real goddess, and the goddess in the film and TV series is completely different feeling.She eats the same food that ordinary people eat.Even her cameraman friend said he once invited Gu to have dinner with him, but Gu did not want to take a bus and ran from Beijing’s 2nd ring Road to the 4th ring Road.This is surprisingly true.