There are five “small bulbs” that need pruning in spring and turning into “large bulbs” in summer.

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Flowers of the friends should know that spring is the season of a clip is key, especially for some flowers blossom quantity is larger, some flowers and plants naturally suited to a “big red”, want to achieve this effect, the spring must be clip on them, I will arrange the below five need to trim plants.First, changchun changchun is a kind of plant can do the four seasons, as long as the climate is suitable, it can not stop flowering, and its amount of flowers is also very huge, can easily develop a big flower ball, bright and beautiful flowers.But it’s not easy to get this effect. We have to do it now.We put all of the branches of the periwinkle cut section, so that can promote rapid new bud sprouting branches to, one will come up to two branches bud, such as the buds grow up some to clip, then two buds will be divided into four leaves, so on periwinkle crown breadth is more and more big, in the summer you can open a big red.Second, small hibiscus small hibiscus is known as the flowering machine, its flowering ability is too strong, now on the market is very popular small hibiscus lollipop is also a masterpiece of this plant, open is a large pink, like a sea of flowers, very beautiful.If we want to raise a small ball hibiscus, we have to prune it now.Small hibiscus split ability is very strong also, but must rely on pruning to trigger a split, reason and is similar to the above, we put the small hibiscus branches after pruning, will promote the germination of new branches, this time we are in water soluble fertilizer topdressing working fast, its growth speed will greatly speed up the customs clearance repeated pruning and fertilizer, summer is it open basin.Third, Chrysanthemum Margaret chrysanthemum is a very strong vitality of the flower, its flowers colorful, the amount of flowers is great, a lot of cities choose it to do park flowerpot, can easily create the effect of a sea of flowers, it is not only beautiful flowering, flowering is long, it is a more perfect balcony flowering plants.Three things are needed to make the margarita a big flower ball. The first is pruning. Cutting now will encourage it to branch, which will increase the size of the crown.The 2nd should bask more namely, it is very similar with sunflower, bask in more blossom more, the 3rd should fertilize namely, give priority to with phosphate potash fertilizer, for instance phosphate dihydrogen potassium or flower is much 2, be about to fertilize every other 10 days.The 4th, million small ling million small Ling is the flowering sharp implement of spring, its flower color is very rich, flower quantity is big also breathtaking, open a flower will be able to let the balcony be surrounded by the flower entirely, get the love of flower friends deeply.But many flower lovers keep it too scattered to form a large flower ball, which is due to the lack of pruning.We need to prune millions of small plants in the spring, so that nutrients can flow back into the trunk, making the trunk more woody, so that it will be more capable of supplying nutrients in the future.Soon it will branch more buds, the crown will be greatly enlarged, and it is easy to form a large flower ball.Fifth, petunia petunia and we usually see the morning glory is not quite the same, petunia is also out of a trumpet shaped flowers, but petunia will climb vine, but petunia is not the same, it is not a climbing plant, its stem segment is very short, all lying on the pot, and then open explosive.Petunias are also very easy to develop a large flower ball effect, we do this mainly by pruning, if not pruning, the branches will grow longer and the flowers will only open at the top of the branches.But once pruned, the branches will sprout new shoots quickly, replenishing the diameter of the crown and making it easy to blossom into a large ball shape in the future.