The deputy commander of the volunteer army died in battle, leaving his last words: don’t shout “kill” before charging against the American army

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Since the Opium War, the world powers have been invading China. They trample on our land and seize our property. But in the face of the invaders who were more powerful than us, the Chinese people did not give in.However, in 1950, the United States united with some countries to launch a war of aggression against Korea, even regardless of China’s feelings, continued to invade China’s northeast border, a serious threat to China’s security.So Chairman MAO appointed Peng Dehuai as commander-in-chief, to resist the United States to aid Korea, to defend the country.In those days, our equipment was nowhere near as good as the US military’s, and much of our combat experience was learned through blood.Shouting “kill” as we charge should have boosted our morale.But before dying, a deputy company commander of the volunteers left his last words: Never shout “kill” when you charge into an American position.As early as in ancient China, when marching and fighting to launch an attack, there will always be a person holding a flag, while running, while struggling to shout slogans, the voice fell, other soldiers have also been greatly encouraged, the same heroic forward fighting.So slogans are not in vain.As we all know, the victory of a war depends not only on the tactical arrangements of the general commander and the physical fitness of the soldiers, but also on the cohesion of morale and the unity of the army.By morale, we mean the morale of the army.In sun Tzu’s art of War, he said, “Once you get up your strength, you will fail again, and then you will exhaust yourself for three times.” The spirit here refers to morale.Marching and fighting rely on unity, is the cohesion of morale, we pull together, can win the war.On the other hand, if an army has no morale and its soldiers are all doing their own jobs, then the army is like a bunch of scattered sand, and even though its soldiers have excellent military skills, they can hardly win the victory.So in the process of rallying morale, Shouting during the charge played a very important role.Perhaps before the battle, many soldiers are hesitant and afraid, but after his comrades shout loud slogans, he may be inspired by the emotions of his comrades, thus high morale, charge into the battle.Therefore, Shouting slogans during the charge has a very important role in combat, which can not only boost morale, but also condense the spiritual will of the army, so that the soldiers are not afraid of sacrifice, killing the enemy, and then win.Don’t shout “kill” the war, China and the United States for the first time, therefore, the volunteers soldiers do not know the combat habits of the United States, but at that time, China was just founded, a hundred scrap waiting for the future, weapons and equipment and the United States is not the least bit.In a war, a deputy company commander led the volunteer soldiers and an army of the United States launched a fierce battle, before the war, the volunteer soldiers carefully studied the plan, decided to launch a general attack in the early morning when the American army was sleeping, hit them by surprise.During the official operation, however, a soldier shouted the word “kill” during a charge to boost morale.At this sound, the American soldiers woke up in their sleep.The surprise attack, which had been victorious, had suddenly turned into a life-and-death struggle.The United States woke up, immediately set up machine guns, picked up excellent weapons, the volunteer soldiers strafe, the enemy and our strength is too large, the volunteer damage is heavy, ammunition is not much left, so the volunteer soldiers decided to break out.After more than ten hours of hard fighting, the army finally broke through, but at the cost of many soldiers, even the deputy company commander was dying of serious injuries.Before his death, he warned his soldiers, “When you charge toward the U.S. position, do not shout kill, because the U.S. army will judge our position based on our voice, and mobilize forces to attack that area.”With those words, the lieutenant was killed.Later, the story spread all over the army, and the volunteers learned from this lesson. When they charged toward the American positions, they were forbidden to shout slogans and used ambush operations, thus greatly reducing casualties and winning the war.The signal of attack: so the soldiers do not shout to kill the word, there must be a signal to remind them when to attack, when to stop, when to retreat, an army so many people, just Shouting is certainly not good, so the system was established.In battle, the soldiers could attack only when they heard the trumpets blow the charge bugle, which was unique to the Chinese army.When the enemy heard it, they could not make a judgment in time. Only when they were attacked by our troops did they know that it was the Chinese army attacking.Later, the enemy said of the volunteer’s charge horn: “The sound of that brass instrument is piercing and penetrating.Whenever the bugle call sounded, the Chinese soldiers rushed over regardless of personal danger, as if there was a magic in encouraging them, giving them great energy.”In the war to resist the United States and aid Korea, the bugle played a huge role, it not only played a role in encouraging the morale of our army, but also effectively rub defeat the morale of the enemy, so that the soldiers bravely kill the enemy, greatly enhanced the probability of our army to win.Summary: No army is always victorious, they will experience more or less failure, but failure is not terrible, as long as we learn from the experience of failure, make full use of the strengths and avoid the weaknesses, timely correction, can avoid failure to happen again.War can not always use a strategy, but to learn to adapt, volunteer soldiers in the war against the United States to aid the battlefield, continuous bloody fighting, for the defense of the country contributed to their own everything, which is worthy of our respect and learning.The war of resistance to the United States and aid to Korea ended with China’s victory. The security of Korea meant that the security of northeast China was greatly improved, so that China could focus on national construction.After the victory of the war, the Soviet Union began to help China develop its industry, which made China’s industry develop preliminarily.Therefore, the victory of the war not only shattered the illusion of the American army, improved the international status of the People’s Republic of China, but also accelerated the military construction of our country, and laid the foundation for the peaceful development of our country.