Steam is highly praised for the game’s leaderboards, and it’s a pixelated game where players can use their building talents

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There are only a few days left in the Spring holiday, and I don’t know how we spend the rest of our leisure time.For those of you who haven’t picked a game for the holidays yet, here are 10 must-play games for the Lunar New Year.The first is Rotten Nation, an open-ended zombie survival game that tells the story of a plague that infects the world at the end of the day, forcing you to fight your way out of an army of zombies.Blindly avoiding is no hope, we must take the initiative to pick up weapons, to fight against zombies, but also try to improve their ability, because zombies will be more and more powerful.The second game is The Elder Scrolls V, a single-player role-playing game about the dragon race and the human empire.Although it is a stand-alone game, but the story content is quite rich, at the same time the production of the screen is particularly delicate, the player seems to become the protagonist of a science fiction blockbuster, to experience a dragon transformation of the legendary epic.Third paragraph of the squares of the ark, it is the survival of a pixel style sandbox game, it not only inherited the ark survival evolution excellent play open box design, also introduced the pixel game play of creation and destruction, in the vast square in the mainland, the player is the real creator, the world is all the elements can be destroyed,Players can unleash their desire to destroy as much as they want.On the basis of destruction to create, to create the most classic way is to build, players can use hundreds of blocks, build their favorite buildings, perhaps European style castle, perhaps Chinese style palace, perhaps also can be with science fiction color high-tech buildings.The game is currently being promoted and can be purchased for 29 yuan, or 25 percent off the original price.What do you think of these games?More on that in the next installment.