Bobai police arrested nine drug addicts and cracked a drug trafficking case involving online gangs, seizing several grams of drugs

2022-06-08 0 By

Recently, chengdong police station of Bobai County Public Security Bureau redeployed to implement the spirit of the Dragon action instructions, and maintained a situation of hard fighting and high pressure on drugs.On February 8, 2022 in the evening, city police station police learned that there are drug addicts in bobai city waterfront park, east of the city police station immediately after police learned that submitted to the director of the keyboard, the keyboard after, director of the organization under the successful capture of the drug addicts in bobai city waterfront park Liu Moumou, Mr So-and-so, some one, and seized on the number of suspected drug grams.In order to further expand the results of the battle, the police immediately began the interrogation of deep digging work.Liu so-and-so, Pang so-and-so has been on the network for many times to sell drugs to drug users Li Mou, Chen Mou, Feng fortunately and other people.Police continue to dig deep according to the clues, and in the early morning in the river park road captured drug users Li Mou, Chen mou, Feng mou and other six drug users.After interrogation, Liu xx, Li mou, Chen mou, Feng mou and other people have been detained by the police.At present, the case is under further investigation.The next step of the east city police station will continue to send force, resolutely win the battle against drugs.Source: Bo Bai Net