WE are out of the man-machine game!JDG swept WE to its fifth loss in a row, and the debut of new hero Zelli was not effective

2022-06-07 0 By

Beijing time on February 10, after the LPL competition in the official start!JDG is going head-to-head with WE, two teams that have not had much of a run, and WE didn’t even have a win before this year.After two sets, JDG beat WE cleanly 2-0 to get the third straight win, while WE lost five in a row!Kanavi’s pace was excellent early in Game 1, helping his teammates establish a good advantage on both fronts.However, in the middle of the road fight, 369 Jaques was too aggressive and was killed by Biubiu Gwynn.However, JDG still took the initiative on the scene, destroying two defense towers in the middle of WE and winning canyon Vanguard again.In 16 minutes, Shanks Ruiz started the team battle in Missing hammerstone hook, JDG double C frantically output one for four, expanding the advantage.However, WE then avoided the battle one after another to stabilize the situation.Late in the game, Missing started the group again and made great contributions. After WE Nakano died, JDG took tai Lung.27 min View Zhao Xin middle road strong open, but JDG output explosion, hit zero for four, a wave of demolition WE main fort, won the first game!In Game 2, WE chose a new hero, Zeri, who made her LPL debut.Early WE under the road rob two success, get a female blood day.But Kanavi arrives just in time and the WE duo is killed.JDG then took control of the tempo again, battling against the WE team in the middle field, and Hope Jinx successfully captured the hex dragon in the first dragon fight.12 minutes WE take down the dragon at the cost of two people.Then the two sides broke out in the middle of a large-scale group battle, Hope Jinksi output pull full, JDG hit one for four, tear down a tower in the middle.On 16 min JDG stormed from the road, Kanavi Foyego came in and got three kills, JDG went four for zero and retreated.After a wave of rectification, the two sides meet again in the wild area. JDG kills many of us, and Hope Jinks completes the super god.In 20 minutes, JDG won dalong firmly.With the Dragon buff, JDG goes up the WE high in the middle and finishes the game with a wave!JDG beat WE in two consecutive games, with Hope and Missing’s downroad duo getting hot.Missing showed no weakness in the face of our former team, sending it to its fifth consecutive defeat!So far, WE still did not get their first win of the season, the struggling Shanks again played their best game.So, what do you have to say about JDG sending WE to our fifth consecutive defeat?