Still not aware of reality?Foxconn announced the core decision, Terry Gou’s intention is clear

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Many of you are familiar with Foxconn, which rose rapidly in the last century thanks to dividends from the domestic manufacturing market and has become the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronic products.But because of its mechanized, demanding management model and low wages that do not match the amount of labor, Foxconn has a bad reputation in China, and is even seen by many workers as a “sweatshop.”In fact, Foxconn controversy is more than this, as a fruit chain in the “general”, Foxconn has been for the American enterprise Apple is at the bidding, in Cook’s plan to promote Apple supply chain output in The Chinese market, Foxconn is a key role.Of course, for commercial reasons, that’s fine.Netizens scoffed that When Foxconn moved production to India, Gou said it was they who had been feeding the mainland for years.To know, if foxconn had not transferred its key production capacity to the domestic market in time last year and quickly hired 200,000 workers, it would have delayed the delivery of apple’s iPhone13 orders as scheduled.Whether the enterprise is important or the market is important, it can be said at a glance.I thought that after this, Terry Gou can realize the importance of the mainland market, know that drinking water and thinking about the source, can not expect is, Foxconn’s recent heavy official announcement let us disappointed, did not recognize the reality?Foxconn has decided to invest $118.7 million to build a chip factory in India with Vedanda, a natural resources group, according to media reports on February 15.To know, at this stage is the key stage of the domestic chip market climbing, both technology and capacity are in urgent need, and the domestic market has also launched a large number of support policies for the semiconductor industry, why would Terry Gou go to India to make core, what is the purpose?First, as noted above, Foxconn has a history of doing what Apple wants it to do, almost wearing its pants.In recent years, Apple intends to move production capacity out of The Chinese market, and last year, it suddenly kicked dozens of Chinese suppliers out of the chain, such as Oufeiguang after being “abandoned”, almost bankrupt.In a climate of intensifying technology competition between China and the United States, it is hard to avoid speculating that Apple’s move may have been instigated by those who do not want to see the rise of Chinese technology, and intended to “stall” the domestic semiconductor market.From this perspective, it is not hard to understand why Foxconn would rather abandon the domestic chip market and go abroad.Second, India decided on January 19th to provide 760 billion rupees ($10.2 billion) in subsidies to boost its high-tech development.Foxconn is apparently after subsidies rather than boosting India’s semiconductor industry.$10.2 billion may seem small for the asset-heavy foundry industry, but there are few companies willing to build chip factories in India because of cheap labor, poor manufacturing conditions and generally poor quality of workers.That means Foxconn will not only be the first chipmaker to make an all-you-can-eat move in India.In fact, this is foxconn’s usual way of doing things, where the subsidies are good drill, such as the end of the relevant support policies, immediately move to a new place.Therefore, Gou led Foxconn to build a factory in India, is a clear intention: not only can show loyalty to the American company Apple, but also can help India to promote the progress of semiconductor chip industry, and get quite generous local subsidies, it is a double benefit.So will Gou get his wish this time?For many in the industry, Foxconn’s trip could end in failure, just like the last one.The reason is clear: Both Foxconn and Vedanda, an Indian resources group, are “laymen” in the semiconductor chip industry. If they want to get started quickly, they must pay several times more.Moreover, unlike other electronics manufacturing, chip manufacturing requires a highly skilled workforce, which is not a problem that can be solved in a short time and is not available in India.TSMC and samsung; they hire are also after training of professionals, let alone walk “dark” in the field of chip foundry foxconn, perhaps wait until factory in India again hit a wall, foxconn can completely realize the importance of the domestic market, but I don’t know when the people can accept the so-called “prodigal son”,After all, People’s Daily has long said that if enterprises are not patriotic and cannot shoulder their social responsibilities, we do not need them no matter how big they are.What do you think about that?If you want to see more of this, check out Tech Dids