New driver’s license reform: the driving license no longer has 12 points, and the car does not have to put an annual inspection mark, which is very practical

2022-06-07 0 By

Among the recent changes to traffic laws, the most significant are the regulations on driving points and annual examinations.Under the new law, a driver’s license no longer has 12 points, and cars no longer need to carry an annual inspection mark.Many owners do not know at present, now let’s understand.Since the establishment of the driving license system in Korea, only 12 points have been scored on Korean driving licenses.Once those 12 points are lost, our license will be revoked and we will have to get a new license if we want to hold it again.So a lot of people in order to avoid their driver’s license points are deducted, will find relatives and friends to replace their driver’s license points, or through some means to buy points from others to deduct.According to the latest regulations of relevant departments, the points on the driver’s license can be increased. That is, if the owner wants to increase his driving points, he can log in his own traffic management 12123 on his mobile phone. In that software, we can improve his driving points by answering questions and other methods.However, this score is not unlimited, the maximum can only be increased by six points, so the owners can have 18 points every year, the improvement of scores, so many owners feel very happy.However, under the new traffic regulations, drivers in some cities in China will get 18 points instead of 12 points.Because in the new traffic regulations, there are additional points deducted points policy.We can log in to traffic management 12123 and increase our points by answering questions on it, and this point can be used to deduct points, and the maximum deduction is 6 points.So after the new traffic regulations were issued, driving license points in some cities in China have become 18 points.In addition to the driver’s license points, the new traffic laws and regulations, the annual inspection system is also a relatively big change of the system.According to the new traffic regulations, cars do not need to put annual inspection labels on their cars any more.This makes many drivers very happy.After all, no one likes to stick a long series of annual inspection labels on the window glass of their car, which will affect the beauty of the vehicle but also affect the vision.The new law allows cars not to put annual inspection labels on their cars, again due to the country’s Internet technology.China has now built a relatively perfect traffic information network, car owners and vehicle information can be clearly recorded.Therefore, after the current annual inspection of the vehicle, the annual inspection information of the car will be recorded in the relevant network, and then the traffic police or the traffic department can easily find out in the relevant network.From China’s vehicles do not have to paste the annual inspection label, it is not difficult to see that China’s traffic network technology has become more and more perfect, and this technology can not only cover the annual inspection and other information, as well as the driver’s license and other aspects.Perhaps in the next few years, China will gradually abolish existing driving licenses and start to adopt electronic driving licenses or magnetic cards such as id cards.