Internet users ridicule “the end of the ski is orthopedic” insurance service for skiing buckle “safety belt”

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With the grand opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, the national sports and the national ice and snow wave drive the ice and snow economy “hot”, ice and snow sports, winter Olympic hot spots in the recent almost every day on the list of hot search.Besides GuAiLing, Su Yi wong, Wu Dajing, President of all the athletes in the competition’s performance was widely attention, the games are boom has also led to a lot of people, the discussions of the ice and snow sports itself is worth to pay close attention to one thing, ice and snow sports has high risks, in addition to do a good job in security measures, how to give a guarantee on the ice and snow lovers buckle “seat belt”?This time cannot leave insurance.What insurance products are available for ice lovers?What else does it cover besides accident?It is reported that in addition to special ski sports insurance products, allianz also has a number of products in general accident insurance that cover snow and ice sports.The hashtag # endofski is Orthopedic has become a hot trending topic recently. Although it is a joke, it also shows that skiing is a sport with higher risks than other daily sports.According to a survey data, the incidence of moderate injury caused by ice and snow sports in China is about 25%~35%, and the common fracture sites are wrist, ankle, knee, shoulder and waist.Ms. Liu (pseudonym) to xinjiang Altay Ketuohai skiing, accidentally fell in the ski resort resulting in collarbone fracture.Due to the limited local medical conditions, liu think of previously purchased “power infinite – jingdong allianz outdoor sports safeguard castle peak year plan” of insurance products, then contact jingdong allianz, report and said want to return to wuhan treatment, jingdong allianz insurance provides fast relief flights, will liu to wuhan hospital treatment,Medical expenses covered by insurance are reimbursed.”Infinite power, is one of the main jingdong allianz insurance casualty products that guarantee high risk sports, skiing, skating and other outdoor sports enthusiasts to provide a full range, diverse close security, in addition to the medical accident and emergency medical evacuation and repatriation services, customers can also according to their own needs, choose the plateau specific diseases, heat stroke and insurance services.But please note that this product does not cover paragliding, paragliding, skydiving, adventure activities, non-fixed route caving, stunt shows, outdoor sports above 6,000 meters and diving depth of more than 18 meters. Please read the exemption and terms carefully when purchasing insurance.””In addition, we have a ‘ski sports protection’ insurance product specially for ski lovers, which can also provide protection such as cancellation of ski sports trips and compensation for loss of sports equipment,” said an official from ALLIanz insurance.It is reported that jingdong Allianz insurance’s general accident insurance, most of the insured in skiing, skating and other sports during the accident.At the same time, ALLIanz also has the ability to provide efficient rescue services around the world, with a global emergency rescue team on call 24/7 to protect every customer’s well-being.Mr. Li (pseudonym), who had insured himself with jd Allianz Schengen King travel accident insurance, fractured his left femur in a skiing fall in Switzerland.He received surgical treatment in a local hospital in Switzerland. After being discharged, allianz insurance company of JINGdong arranged for Mr. Li to be sent back to China in business class, and paid more than 200,000 yuan for medical treatment and transportation expenses.According to experts, snow and ice sports accidents are characterized by high losses, so snow and ice sports fans should improve their awareness of risk prevention and insurance, and adopt insurance methods to transfer risks.Jingdong Allianz insurance is a reliable insurance service provider for ice and snow sports lovers with diverse outdoor activities products and efficient rescue and claim services.