Han Xianchu, a ruthless general, yearned for peace by naming his children

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During the revolutionary era, many excellent revolutionary couples emerged in our army. General Han Xianchu and his wife Liu Zhi were such admirable partners.General Han xianchu and his wife, Liu Zhi, were each other’s only lifelong partners and had four children, three sons and a daughter.The children of General Han Xianchu live a very low-key life, so we have to collect as much information as possible from the Internet.Han Xianchu and his wife Liu Zhi had five children: first son Han Zhanping, second son Han Feng, third son Han Aiping, fourth son Han Weiping and daughter Han Xi.Han Xianchu made outstanding achievements in his life, and his children were all national talents.Han Zhanping, the eldest son, was once a director of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.During the Siping Baowei War, Han Xianchu named his first son Zhanping after his birth.There would be peace, he said, but it could not be fought out at the negotiating table, it could only be fought out at the barrel of a gun.The name refers to General Han Xianchu’s wish for peace.The second son, Han Feng, has left almost nothing online, though he is rumored to be living in the United States.Third son Han Aiping, the reason for the name “love flat” is to cherish peace, Han Aiping is also very low-key, there is no information about him on the existing data.Four son Han Weiping, named “Wei Ping”, meaning to protect the peace, Han Weiping also like his father, when a great Chinese soldier, according to relevant information, he used to be an air force pilot.Her daughter, Han Xi, served as an important deciphering agent in a military radio station listening to and deciphering the Soviet Union in the Beijing Military Area Command in the late 1960s, while her son-in-law, Li Dongsheng, was also a staff member of the Military training Department of the Beijing Military Area Command.From the name han Xianchu chose for his children, we can see people’s longing for peace in the revolutionary era.Han Xianchu general military horse life, know the cruelty of war, peace is not easy, this is why he named his children so.