After a 15-year-old boy died, netizens held a spontaneous memorial meeting and sent extra sugar to the boy

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Early this morning, Liu Xuezhou in the writing of a suicide note, came to the seaside swallow medicine, jumped into the sea to commit suicide, although was found in time, sent to the hospital for rescue, but also did not save the life, he must be holding the heart will die, a little survival desire are not.See Liu Xuezhou died, people from all walks of life for this 15-year-old boy feel heartache, did not think of, a section of the road, actually put the child on a road of no return.Netizens spontaneously came to the seaside to hold a memorial meeting for Liu Xuezhou, live broadcast of the memorial meeting in Hainan, the camera is facing the sea, many Sanya residents sent flowers, cakes, and lollipops to mourn this warm boy.There are netizens sent hainan dessert qing Buliang, specially let the boss add more sugar, hope Liu Xuezhou afterlife life can be sweet, get preference, the boy just 15 years of time, had too painful.When I was three months old, my biological parents sold me 8000 yuan as my mother’s bride price. When I was four years old, my adoptive parents died due to fireworks explosion. I had to live with my grandparents in my aunt’s house.Liu Xuezhou primary school for 6 years, not only bullied by classmates, even the canteen of rice aunt will bully him, the only thing that can make him feel warm is his aunt as his own children’s maternal love, and grandma grandpa to his love.Go up junior high school encounters abnormal condition male teacher again, bring about Liu Xuezhou to suffer from serious depressed disease, very not easy ability comes out, to do not let a person say he is the child that picks up, just idea tries to seek biological parents so.Through the help to finally find his biological parents, but the father to not let his wife angry, every time to see Liu Xuezhou is furtive, but before Liu Xuezhou went to see his father, grandma gave him 2000 yuan to buy gifts for his biological father.The meeting mother did not even see him, or Liu Xuezhou ran to his mother in the city to meet her, although the scene is very grand, but it is to the half-brother’s birthday party.Are the same mother, but the gap is so big, the first meeting let Liu Xuezhou feel the gap, however, to see the mother Liu Xuezhou happy like a child, specially to buy a gift for his brother.But in Liu Xuezhou to put forward to them want a home, biological parents but rumors he found parents asked to buy a house, throw dirty water to Liu Xuezhou, let him be net violence, biological mother is directly to shield him.Although Liu Xuezhou’s life is very short, only 15 years, but he suffers unfair treatment all the time however, think parents are to love the child originally, did not think there are so cruel parents, forced to die his own child.If you have any ideas, please leave a comment in the comments section.