Welfare! Let’s go back to Gotham City

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Are you ready to return to Gotham how long has it been since you’ve seen a superhero on the big screen?How long has it been since a DC superhero went solo in the DC Universe?/ March 18, the new batman domestic release batman · · · · · · Robert pattinson catwoman…… zoe clavulanic, riddles · · · · · · · · · · Paul dano a penguin people · · · · · · · · colin Farrell new team to bring new ideas as the DC universe is one of the most popular superhero,Batman has dozens of movies under his belt, including the dark Knight trilogy, a classic directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale.In 2022, the new Batman doesn’t fight Superman or a team, opting instead to return to batman’s role as a detective in the early comics.Instead of telling batman’s origin story, the film picks up the year after Bruce Wayne becomes Batman.Riddler through the murder case and riddles, led Batman gradually opened the history of corruption in Gotham City, but also indirectly prompted him to find the answer: “Batman is not only an identity, but also a symbol of justice to fight against evil, lit up the light of hope in the dark night sky of Gotham.””It’s not just the evil people that he’s up against, it’s actually him, because he hasn’t fully understood why he’s on the hook as Batman,” says Director Matt Reeves.As a result, the fledgling hero of “money power”, as Robert Pattinson puts it, looks decadent and lost, with a thin, pale face and half-feathered wings, “alone, alone, having to do this, even desperate.That’s an interesting reading.”In the footage recently exposed, Batman can be seen moving freely, full of the alertness and explosive power of a beast.Batman is known to have no superpowers, and often conquers opponents with his agility, detective savvy and top-notch equipment.The action style of the new Batman uses the real combat method of fast and accurate, and in the shooting of the impromptu performance, in order to give the audience the greatest sense of reality and a sense of presence.Robert Pattinson went through seven weeks of training, honing multiple sets of combat moves to improve his immediate reactions and muscle memory.Batman suit also went retro, this primary version of the bat suit designed and made by Batman himself, not too much high-tech sense, nor the use of exaggerated muscle design, but full of combat ingenuity, the fabric and bullet-proof coating combination, highlighting the defense attribute.This time, the batsuit is the batcape — no longer just a decoration, but a flying squirrel suit when necessary, allowing Batman to truly soar above Gotham.The bat logo on the chest can be detachable into a sharp batdart, which will play an important role in the film.In addition, the gauntlet is quite ingenious. In the unstoppable scene, Batman uses the gauntlet as a shield and fires a hidden grappling gun to give the fight a dark knight feel.We will select 20 lucky fans to send tickets to the New Batman movie. One PS: Tickets will be distributed in ticket code form.Redeemable codes are valid until April 17 and unredeemable codes are valid until April 10.After getting the ticket code, you must tie it to your mobile phone in advance and redeem it before April 10.The ticketing platform will cancel the ticket code one week before (April 10), the ticket code will become invalid, and the changed ticket code will not be affected.Find MORE CONTACT US on Sina Weibo @Changjiang Daily Travel Video number @Fun Wuhan Xiaohongshu @Fun Wuhan Douyin @Fun Wuhan