Human-based science and technology auman Galaxy and user demand at the same frequency resonance

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Abide by the user’s thinking is a platitude, but how to really stand in the user’s perspective of thinking, this topic is often done often new.In the past two years, the trend of high efficiency of logistics and younger users has become more and more obvious. Besides extreme pragmatism, diversified demands for transportation tools have been added, such as comfort, intelligence and safety.It is out of the in-depth understanding and insight of the new era user needs, Foton Daimler motor firmly grasped the “people-oriented, customer-oriented” theme, to serve modern logistics with scientific and technological innovation, launched a new epoch-making product – Auman Galaxy heavy card.In terms of product positioning, the name Galaxy represents Auman’s exploration and attitude towards future science and technology. It is not only based on the current transportation demand, but also represents the future development direction of heavy truck. The exterior, interior and power chain of the vehicle highlight the sense of science and technology and leadership.Today, follow the “Runding commercial vehicles” network perspective to find out.Appearance: gorgeous transformation precision positioning user aesthetic needs to the user oriented, first of all to do with the user needs of the same frequency resonance, Auman Galaxy took the lead in the focus on the usual overlooked appearance design.In the past, the appearance of the car may not be important to the old drivers, but for the new generation, a favorite car is not only easy to drive, but also look good is an indispensable prerequisite.Auman Galaxy accurately captured the pulse of this market, in the appearance of a very breakthrough design, more close to the young aesthetic.Its front mask grille shape is very unique, the use of parametric “Galaxy star wing” design technique, the mesh around the diamond cutting surface of auman diamond standard, the mesh is equipped with light guide bar, lit up like a day in the stars.This model not only highlights the theme of “Galaxy”, but also achieves aesthetic differentiation with other models on the market, changing the inflexible style of the face of the heavy truck and breaking through the horizontal ceiling of the appearance of the heavy truck!In addition, the headlamp has also been redesigned, the shape and specific configuration are unique, not only with similar models on the market different, and auman before the product is also a great change.High light, low light, fog lights and outline lights are arranged in a geometric matrix, which not only presents a unique aesthetic, but also improves the vehicle’s vision at night.Headlights and the shape of the vehicle is very integrated, there is no sense of obtrusive and grandiose, which is very rare.Auman Galaxy front face smooth lines, according to the golden proportion design, to achieve the perfect combination of aerodynamics and driving space, wind resistance coefficient is reduced by 8%, the overall fuel consumption index is reduced by 4%.It can be said that auman Galaxy has both aesthetic and practical modeling to truly achieve the new era of user aesthetic needs understanding and empathy.Interior: phenomenal masterpiece redefining the luxury interior of heavy truck Standard Long distance transportation is not only a test of the car’s performance, but also the physical condition of the driver.Many older drivers remember that trucks were noisy, had no shock absorption, were cold in winter and hot in summer, and the cab was very cramped.With the development of The Times, the focus of vehicle upgrading in recent years has gradually expanded from purely focusing on the power chain to the soft needs of driving experience. The emergence of Auman Galaxy pushes this trend to the extreme.Its top-class cabin has redefined the interior standards of luxury heavy trucks, allowing users to enjoy the ultimate driving experience.Xiaobian has an unprecedented feeling after personal experience. The cab of this car is not simply stacked with high configuration, but creates a comprehensive and humanized driving experience, bringing a comprehensive happiness promotion.The seat of the galaxy and grammer is the man to jointly develop, 115 latest generation of grammer seat is the first time in domestic truck assembly, combination of the two, the whole package of air suspension seat and functional aspects have greatly upgraded, more relevant driver’s body, even for a long time also won’t have too much fatigue driving.As a contrast, in recent years, the domestic high-end heavy truck is also equipped with air bag seat, the same air bag seat, galaxy this has what highlights?In contrast, the Galaxy has more directional and larger seats, and it also has horizontal shock absorption to offset the impact of back-and-forth vibration, something that regular airbag seats don’t have.In addition, this seat also contains massage function, ventilation system is also changed by the traditional blowing type suction type, in the rapid take away sweat at the same time there will not be cold feeling, to have lumbar occupational disease card friend friend is absolutely a good news.Europe, the biggest characteristic of the Milky Way’s interior design is intelligent and convenience, in addition to multi-function steering wheel, liquid crystal instrument and intelligent these more common configuration on the higher-end models at present, the Milky Way also took the lead on the steering wheel design shift dial the piece, manipulator into electronic hand brake, also become the range electronic shift gear knob, and even a mobile phone wireless charging,Smart lights, electric skylights and more.The overall style is in line with the mainstream “fool” operation trend in the automotive industry, driving becomes more simple, and the distance between the instrument keys and the main driving position conforms to ergonomics.There is also the control design is very aesthetic originality, is said to be inspired by the beautiful scenery of “sand lakes embracing each other” in the Laco Ismaraheses desert in Brazil.Just imagine, when the card friends after a long drive in the car to take a nap, landscape, fields, forests, lakes and grass lingering around, whether green mountains, or gold and silver mountains, all in one net.This design shows the aesthetic foundation, card friends in such an environment, you can feel a physical and mental pleasure, a deep fit the needs of the heart, will greatly reduce the feeling of anxiety and fatigue.Power chain: Fukang + ZF is born for efficient transportation. In addition to the improvement of appearance and interior decoration, we can not forget the fundamental need of “creating wealth”.The high efficiency transportation experience brought by super power chain has always been auman’s advantage. The power configuration of Yinhe also uses the perfect combination of Fukang + ZF.The aoman Galaxy heavy card is equipped with fukang A13 series 580 horsepower engine, the maximum output torque of 2600 nm, horsepower and torque have reached the top of the industry.In addition, Galaxy will also launch a new fukan A15 engine model with 14.5L displacement, 660PS maximum horsepower and 3200N·m maximum torque.The more horsepower is the trend of heavy cards in recent years, but like Auman to raise the power ceiling so much, there is really a sense of king bang, compared with similar products is to reduce dimension blow, to improve the efficiency of card friends transport has brought greater potential.In terms of gearbox, zF ZF ZF ZF ZF ZF ZF ZF 12 gear AMT gearbox is matched with automatic start-stop, pitch-free, neutral sliding, creep mode and other functions, and the power chain transmission efficiency reaches 99.7%.The AMT has become the standard for high-end heavy trucks in recent years, and the trend was started by ZF, whose early development and mature technology can be said to be its biggest feature.The working principle of AMT is to use TCU module to simulate manual shift, which requires the software to have massive accumulation of road model and mature analysis ability to ensure the ability of AMT to deal with complex working conditions.As a leading brand in the field of transmission, ZF’s experience in this area is undoubtedly more reassuring.In addition to money and wealth, personal health and safety is the most important wealth in life. The introduction of many security configurations also reflects Auman’s sincere care for users.Auman Galaxy’s intelligent driving assistance system has also achieved the top matching level of similar domestic products.AEBS automatic emergency braking system, ACC adaptive cruise, LKA Lane keeping, LDWS lane Departure warning, FCW forward collision warning, automatic parking, I-Brake 3.0 in-cylinder braking and 360° panoramic visual driver assistance system make driving safely more carefree.Science and technology, make logistics better.Auman Galaxy heavy truck condenseda number of foton Daimler’s latest scientific and technological achievements, it can be said that the latest science and technology redefine the new benchmark of domestic heavy truck.Many innovative upgrades in product design, performance and service will inevitably be accompanied by huge improvements in user value.With the courage to subvert and the strength to lead, the new Auman Galaxy is definitely worth a try.