Fuzhou mountain is really not built

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Yu Shan, Wushi Shan and Ping Shan are the “three mountains” in Fuzhou. Outside the city, there has been a saying of “one flag (Qishan), two drums (Gushan), three gao (Gaogai) and four Tigers (Five Tiger Mountain)” since ancient times.”Left Banner and Right Drum” is quite famous, but Gaogai Mountain is little-known.According to “Eight Fujian Tongzhi” recorded that “according to legend han Dynasty shepherd boy Xu Deng in this Gaogai mountain cultivation, after entering yongtai County another Gaogai mountain ascended to heaven, later generations built a temple to commemorate, also fuzhou Cangshan Gaogai mountain with gaogai Mountain.Really not “cover” gaogai mountain because of the shape of the mountain like bao Cover floating and named, and often because of purple cloud cover on the mountain, also known as purple cover mountain.It is known as “heavy mountains stacked cui, mountain lake light such as mirror,” said.It is located in the center of South Taiwan Island, near the second Ring Road in the north and yixu Airport in the south. The main peak is 202.2 meters above sea level.Gaogai Mountain Ecological Park covers the whole gaogai mountain main body, wide range, large scale.Beautiful by nature;Because of history and culture profound.Green trees set off, the four seasons as new;Flowers are blooming all the year round.”Peach blossom creek” bank, half wind blowing peach blossom fly like waves.”Magnolia fragrant path”, hundreds of acres of magnolia like a sea of flowers.”Suddenly Taiwan” can be viewed from afar, so that the mood suddenly.”Embrace the city, look at the sea” north can embrace the city, south can look at the river, the grand touched so.Gaogai Mountain is also a sacred mountain, home to Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.Miao Feng temple, spanning thousands of years, the temple in front of the “release pool” is good, near the temple “immortal well” song Dynasty legacy.The “Crane Nest Temple” was built in the reign of Emperor Gaozu of tang Dynasty, and the “tomb of qi of the Five Dynasties” was the quiet resting place of Qi Xielv, the right servant of Fujian, when Wang Shenzhi entered Fujian.Trace trace, tread the ancient visit the new.In addition, all kinds of deities are gathered here, buddhist Avalokitesvara bodhisattva, Maitreya Buddha, eighteen arhats, Taoist Taishanglaojun, and local fuzhou deities zhaotianjun, White Heshen, Chen Jinggu, Zhou Hangbu, ruiyun eight virtuous Kings.Gaogai mountain has a Virtue hidden pavilion, its great allusion.Taiyu in Fuzhou enjoys a prosperous culture and a large number of famous scholars, such as Chen Jiayan, an astronomer and historian in the Song Dynasty who built a “shuyin Thatched Cottage”, Chen Yiweng, a famous scholar in the Yuan Dynasty who lived in seclusion in Gaogai Mountain peach Blossom Creek where he planted peaches to read, and Chen Jing, a famous official who returned from his official post in the Ming Dynasty and built fuzhou scenic spot “Wangbeitai” and wangbei Xie.Chen Minghe, a famous poet who initiated and donated to repair fangguangyan Temple in Yongtai, and other historical and humanistic stories.Therefore, Gaogai Mountain is a place of cultural heritage and natural beauty.Night tour is also very beautiful to enjoy the blue sky under the white clouds gaogai mountain beauty, night tour also do not have a lasting appeal.Night is falling and the lights are shining brightly.Details in the city are swallowed up by the night, with only one light, side by side to outline the Lou Tower road and bridge.Standing on the top of the mountain, you can identify the straits Olympic Sports Center in the west, the straits Financial Street lighting curtain wall in the northeast, the bridge tower of Sanxianzhou Bridge and the World Trade Center.The hiking trails at night are also a scenic spot. Smart light poles along the trails can not only provide night lighting, but also provide security monitoring, music playing and free WIFI functions, making night trips safer and more convenient.Watching the stars through the dome at night gives you a feeling of traveling in space and peace and tranquility in your heart.Bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city for a short time and get a respite in the mountains and forests, stealing a half day of leisure, which is perhaps the meaning of the existence of Gaogai Mountain Park.Spring is just the time of year.When the epidemic has disappeared, we will go to Gaogai Mountain together for an outing!Be there or be square!Source: Minsheng Media