Cancer prevention: Doctors’ crack ‘genetic code to perform surgery on patients

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Yangtze Evening News network On February 11, (correspondent Liu Wei reporter Zhu Dingzhao) 9, Huai ‘an Maternal and Child Health care hospital gynecology team for 45 years old Ms. Zhao (hua surname) to implement the umbilical single hole laparoscopic whole uterus + bilateral salpinx ovariectomy.This is a preventive surgery that relies on genetic “decoding” to directly reduce the incidence of high-risk hereditary ovarian cancer.Some time ago, Ms. Zhao to huai ‘an maternity and child health care hospital to do gynecological examination.A medical history was asked, and the doctor learned that Zhao had undergone radical breast cancer surgery in June 2021.”For such cancer patients, we would suggest that they have a genetic test to see if they have mutations,” said Zhang Chunhua, deputy director of gynecology and chief physician of our hospital.The results of the genetic test were not encouraging.”The test suggested a germ-line mutation in the BRCA1/2 gene, which carries a 54% and 23% risk of ovarian cancer, respectively.We can for screening out the BRCA gene mutation carriers, early intervention, in the absence of illness, early preventive attachment uterine surgery to her, don’t let her to endometrial and ovarian cancer surgery, when the choice method of preventive resection at the appropriate age, can reduce the risk of cancer patients, alleviate patients psychological burden,Reduce economic costs to society and families.Zhang chunhua said.Ovarian cancer is the third most common gynecological malignancy. It has no obvious symptoms at the early stage, but it is already in the middle and advanced stage when the doctor sees a doctor with symptoms such as ascites and abdominal distension.Therefore, genetic testing has a very positive significance for the prevention of ovarian cancer.”After our team’s comprehensive evaluation, and patients with sufficient communication, we decided to ms zhao implement preventive surgery, surgery and normal uterus resection is not the same in the attachment, to the extent of vascular peritoneal ligament resection have special requirements, and postoperative pathological tests are normal and pathological different requirements, special methods to prevent the occult cancer!Prophylactic adnexectomy reduces the risk of ovarian cancer by about 81% and the all-cause mortality by about 68% in BRCA mutation carriers, suggesting that prophylactic adnexectomy should be considered for BRCA mutation carriers after childbirth.”Ovariectomy directly reduces the incidence and mortality of this high-risk hereditary ovarian cancer compared with other prevention and surveillance measures.”Zhang chunhua said.Doctors said that cancer gene testing does play a certain role in predicting and preventing cancer in high-risk groups, but do not bring heavy pressure because the test results show that there is a possibility of cancer in the future. They should face it positively and deal with it in time to prevent the disease.Do we all need genetic testing to prevent cancer?The answer is no, Zhang said, because those who need genetic screening are at high risk of cancer:The first to say if the family has a clear genetic testing is positive patients, another is more young patients with malignant tumor, however, there is the same person have a variety of malignant tumors, such as colon cancer, and patients with endometrial carcinoma, and the lineal three generations in the family has need of the same kind of tumor detection, such as the grandmother of ovarian cancer,Mother ovarian cancer, daughter should be tested.Proofreading Xu Hang