0-2!Shandong men’s basketball was swept by Shenzhen, from last season to a round of strong, who too?

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Beijing time on April 4, CBA playoff 12 into 8 ushered in a battle of life and death, Shandong men’s basketball against Shenzhen men’s basketball, Shandong men’s basketball first quarter dug a big hole, trailing 14 points at the half.Shenzhen took a 23-point lead in the first three quarters, but Shandong cut the deficit to 10 points in the final quarter, but couldn’t come back and lost 108-120, a 2-0 loss to Shenzhen that left them swept in the first round.In the case of almost maintaining the original team last season, from the last season to the fourth round of this season, shandong men’s basketball decline speed is a sigh, the reason is worth thinking about.Shenzhen ranked 6th in the regular season, while Shandong ranked 11th. Shenzhen doubled Shandong in the two regular season meetings, but the margin was very small.Shandong men’s basketball, the first they lost to Shenzhen in the last quarter of the collapse, big score 0-1 was forced into despair, this service only to win to retain the promotion of hope.Shandong men’s basketball team adjusted the lineup, liu Yi will enter the first.The Shandong men’s basketball team got off to a slow start. Apart from Chen Peidong’s early goal, they didn’t score in more than four minutes and were outscored 18-2 by Shenzhen before Xu Changsuo called the first timeout.Shenzhen led by 22 points 28-6 in the first quarter.At the end of the quarter, shandong men’s basketball finally improved, especially after Gillenwater appeared, led the team to chase points, hit a 16-4 run, the first quarter of Shandong 22-32 down by 10 points.The second quarter, Chen Peidong counterattack first score, Salinger hit inside kill two free throws, the two teams score alternately rise, the difference has been hovering around 10 points, Hudson hit a long three points, Shandong 32-41 behind.Shenzhen foreign aid Booker was hot, he countered with a layup, Shenzhen beat Shandong 47-32.Timeout back, the two teams score alternately up, the point difference has been hovering around 15 points.Shandong had a good outside shot late in the quarter as Hou peizuo hit a 3-pointer to make it 42-53.Xu changsuo was not happy with the technical offence, gu quan hit three free throws, Hou peizuo later picked up a foul, booker hit two free throws to give Shenzhen a 16-point lead.Hudson missed a 3-pointer at the buzzer to give Shenzhen a 58-44 halftime lead.Easy edge battle, Bai Haotian took the lead in three points, Ding Yanyuhang with a free throw to break the scoring shortage, Shen Zijie twice into 2+1, Bai Haotian again three points, Shenzhen 70-46 lead 24 points.Gilenwater hit three points to stop the bleeding, Shandong’s defense is lax, Shenzhen scored very easily, always maintain more than 20 points to lead, Gilenwater jumper, Shandong 56-76 down.Gilenwater almost become shandong men’s basketball only points, Shandong men’s basketball is difficult to narrow the difference, the difference has been hovering around 20 points.After three quarters, Shandong trailed 72-95, and the game almost lost its suspense.End of the game, Bai Haotian hit three points, Qiao Wenhan hit two consecutive three points, Chen Peidong layup scored, Shandong chase to 80-98, Shenzhen team hurriedly called a pause.Hudson was out of form, Guillenwater got more playing time, Guillenwater and Tao Hanlin scored 4 straight points, Gao Shiyan layup to get within 12 points.Lu Yiwen hit the bottom corner three to stop the bleeding, Shandong play momentum, Gilenwater unstoppable, steal a dragon dunk, Jiao Hailong hit the first three points of the game, Shandong to 98-108 within 10 points.Shenzhen men’s basketball steady situation, again will point difference open, Shandong men’s basketball unable to continue to chase points, finally lost to the opponent, 0-2 out of the encounter round swim.Guillenwater scored 34 points, but Hudson had five points on 2-of-10 shooting, Jiao had three points on 1-of-9 shooting, Tao hanlin had five points and eight rebounds on just three attempts, Chen Peidong had 20 points, Gao Shiyan 11 points and 11 assists and Ding Yanyuhang nine points.Last season, shandong men’s basketball team in the extremely difficult cases reached the playoffs four, basic retain the shandong men’s basketball team last season’s squad this season, added Ding Yanyu navigation and Qiao Wenhan two, just changed coach Xu Changsuo, but performance is not satisfactory, the penultimate round to lock in the playoffs, the regular season is suffered a round of the playoffs,And Shandong men’s basketball team this season suffered many defeats, if the rapid decline in speed, who is responsible?It is worth shandong high – speed men’s basketball executives thinking.