@Xining people, how to define the elevator maintenance fee?

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Recently, green tie beautiful garden community owners call the evening hotline consultation, community elevator maintenance cost by who bear?At this point, the reporter respectively from the city market supervision bureau special equipment inspection division, the city housing security and property management bureau property management division to understand.Q Qingtie Jiayuyuan residential building 11 fire pipeline was artificially destroyed, the outflow of blisters in the pipeline damaged the elevator, this situation should be borne by who maintenance costs?A In this case, you can apply for the use of special maintenance funds for the residence, but it needs to be signed by more than two-thirds of the owners of the area and the number of houses.For the division of responsibility, if the elevator water is caused by the management of the property company is not in place, the property company is responsible for it.If the elevator water is artificially caused, the ultimate responsibility is borne by the perpetrator.Q How to report the elevator failure?A Each elevator has posted instructions to passengers, warning signs, etc., and publicized 11 items of information such as information and contact information of property management and maintenance units.Once the elevator operation hidden trouble or the existence of unsafe factors, the first to reflect to the property company, the property will contact the elevator maintenance unit for troubleshooting.It can also be directly reported to the maintenance unit.Contact numbers are posted inside the elevator car.Elevator scrapping system is not mandatory, in accordance with the relevant provisions, for more than 15 years of life, high failure frequency affect normal use, water, fire, earthquake and other disasters, the safety of the elevator using unit shall entrust a qualified appraisal institution for safety assessment, and based on the evaluation conclusion of elevator update, modification, repair;If the safety assessment has not been carried out or the safety assessment is not qualified, the use shall not continue.Q Who will bear the maintenance cost if the elevator breaks down outside the warranty period?A elevator belongs to public facilities and equipment, and the property rights belong to relevant proprietary part owners. The developer shall be responsible for any failure during the warranty period, and the warranty period of the elevator is one year.Failure outside the warranty period shall be jointly borne by the relevant proprietary part owners.According to the regulations, the funds needed for the renewal, transformation and repair of elevators in residential communities shall be raised in the following ways: If special maintenance funds for residential buildings have been established, they can be applied for use in accordance with the relevant provisions on the management of special maintenance funds for residential buildings of the State and this Municipality;If there is no special maintenance fund for housing or the balance of the special maintenance fund for housing is insufficient, the expenses shall be borne in accordance with the contract;If there is no agreement or the agreement is not clear, it shall be borne by the relevant owners.Q Is the elevator maintenance fee included in the property service fee?A According to the regulations, the residential property service fee consists of the property service cost, legal tax and reasonable profit of the property service enterprise, generally including the common position and the operating cost of facilities and equipment.Daily operation, maintenance and testing expenses of shared parts and facilities (including elevators, fire fighting facilities and monitoring equipment), water and electricity consumption in public areas (including corridors), etc.The maintenance expenses incurred by the construction unit during the warranty period are not included.The expenses of overhaul, medium repair, renewal and transformation of common parts of the property and common facilities and equipment listed through special maintenance funds are not included in the property service cost.It can be seen that the property service fee only includes the cost of elevator maintenance and maintenance, excluding the cost of overhaul, medium repair, renewal and transformation.Source: Xining Evening News Producer: Gao Zhaohua Editor: Liu Xinghai Editor: Feng Lichen, Zhu Weilin