What is the most painful disease in the world?Pain of the top 4 diseases, experienced are superman

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Mr. Wang, 50, is a mall security guard who stands for long periods of time.Some time ago, he had a severe pain in his right shoulder, and when it was severe, he could not sleep all night.His wife advised him to go to the hospital to see, But Mr. Wang felt old shoulder pain is very normal, buy a plaster to stick it.Unexpectedly, after more than a month of plaster, Mr. Wang’s shoulder pain still did not disappear.Last resort, he had to go to the hospital for an examination, the result is shoulder joint around inflammation caused.The doctor told Mr. Wang that if he delayed any longer, he might develop chronic changes in shoulder pain and limited movement.After listening to the doctor, Mr. Wang understood that “pain is not a disease, can endure endure” is wrong, symptoms should be treated as soon as possible.First, pain is a disease, the body pain, many people’s first reaction is to endure.Actually, you know what?In fact, pain is a kind of disease, do not endure!According to the International Pain Society, more than 300 million people in China suffer from chronic pain.Feng Xia, deputy director of anesthesia and pain department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, reminded that pain is a disease, will bring many potential harm to the body, and affect the normal work and life, should be paid attention to, timely elimination of pain.But pain is subjective, and everyone’s tolerance is different.How to judge their pain to the extent of the need for treatment?Can refer to the following division of pain grade: Figure source: CCTV finance two, the most painful 4 diseases, have you experienced?When the human body is sick, it may feel pain, but there are a few diseases, their pain degree may be so painful that people roll.1. Trigeminal neuralgia trigeminal neuralgia refers to the pain occurring in the trigeminal nerve distribution area of the cheek. It has the characteristics of paroxysmal, and the pain is very obvious, and even causes facial convulsion when it is serious.Data showed that the incidence of trigeminal neuralgia was 4.3 per 100,000 people, with a high incidence in people over 40 years old and a high incidence in women.The main causes of trigeminal neuralgia are vascular wear, cerebral arteriosclerosis and cerebral atrophy.Trigeminal neuralgia attacks without any signs, like cutting, burning, acupuncture or electric shock pain, pain mainly appears in the mouth, mouth corner, nose, palate or oral mucosa and other parts.It may return to normal in a short time after the attack, but it will recur and the pain will be unbearable, leading to the inability to brush teeth, talk, eat, etc., reducing the quality of life.It should be noted that trigeminal neuralgia is easy to be confused with toothache. Some people mistakenly think it is toothache to pull out a tooth, but it still hurts after pulling out the tooth.Therefore, when the toothache repeatedly, long-term treatment, and there is no gum swelling, inflammation and other symptoms, it is necessary to raise vigilance.In addition to a dental exam, a visit to the neurology department is needed to find out the cause.2, cancer pain for cancer patients, cancer pain is sometimes more frightening than cancer itself.Some patients even choose to kill themselves because they can’t stand the pain of cancer.Clinically, the incidence of cancer pain is relatively high, with the incidence of 25% in the patients visiting the clinic and 60% to 80% in the advanced patients, and there are not a few patients with severe pain.The occurrence of cancer is the result of many factors such as body, psychology and spirit.Patients are extremely sensitive to cancer pain, very easy to feel pain, plus with the spread and metastasis of cancer cells, cancer pain will be generalized, causing bone pain, chest pain, headache and so on.In addition, in the process of cancer treatment, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, drugs, etc., will also cause varying degrees of pain.Unable to tolerate severe pain, patients will have anxiety, depression, anger and other negative emotions, causing insomnia, fatigue, further aggravating pain, creating a vicious cycle that is difficult to break.3. Gout Gout is related to joint disease caused by continuous deposition of mononatric urate in the body, precipitation of crystals and continuous stimulation of joints, which is mainly related to hyperuricemia.And high uricemia, and high purine diet, overwork, pressure and so on.Gout causes pain, figuratively speaking, like a tiger snapping at a joint, especially at night when the pain becomes more pronounced, leading to sleepless nights.Clinically, gout can be divided into acute gout and chronic gout.When acute gout attacks, the pain is tearing, cutting and biting, which is very intense and lasts for a long time.The symptoms of chronic gout are relatively mild and short-lived, but the joints and nearby tissues can become hot, inflamed and inflamed.If symptoms of gout appear, go to the hospital immediately.Daily prevention of gout should start from diet and exercise, avoid high-fat and high-purine diet, exercise appropriately and maintain a reasonable weight.4, herpes zoster herpes zoster is chickenpox – herpes zoster virus caused by an acute infectious skin disease, folk also known as “waist wrapped fire dragon”.Herpes zoster is mainly related to decreased immunity, such as the elderly, patients with local trauma, long-term radiotherapy or patients receiving immunosuppressive drugs, etc., all belong to the high-risk population.Herpes zoster mainly appears on one side of the body, clustered blisters are banded distribution, manifested as a rash, but also cause obvious pain, pain sensation is burning, electric shock, knife cutting, needling.After discovering zoster herpes, must seek medical treatment in time, 48-72 hours after hair rash is the golden time of treatment, the longer the delay, neuralgia after the longer, more obvious.Under the guidance of doctors, antiviral drugs, analgesics, nutritional neurotherapy, etc.In addition, calamine lotion or acyclovir ointment can be used to treat rashes.However, the best way to prevent herpes is to get the shingles vaccine, which can reduce the risk of infection by 90 percent.Three, the pain do not endure, remember to find a doctor chronic pain, refers to pain time more than 3 months, and difficult to relieve the pain.Do not delay the occurrence of chronic pain, otherwise small pain will become great pain, endless future problems.With aggressive treatment, 95% of chronic pain can be effectively alleviated.In addition to chronic pain, there are several kinds of pain, you can also go to the pain department of the hospital, such as acute pain, such as postoperative pain, obstetric pain, gout, etc.;Cancer pain, such as advanced tumor pain, pain caused by tumor treatment, etc.Special pain diseases, such as osteoporosis, intractable angina pectoris, diabetic neuralgia, etc.Related subject diseases, such as facial spasm, allergic rhinitis, insomnia, etc.Some people take painkillers as soon as they have pain, and when they take too many, they find they are immune and no longer as effective as they were at first.In fact, now more and more means of pain relief, no longer solely rely on drugs, through other means, may be faster and better relief of pain.Therefore, we have pain, do not endure, must be timely medical treatment, as soon as possible to eliminate the pain.Reference [1] pain is a disease, Stop it! 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