Retrograde, walk motor vehicle lane, electric car disorderly elephant attracted Beijing traffic police enforcement!A little on the spot may prevent a great fall

2022-06-05 0 By

No matter in towns or cities, in fact, in view of the current traffic environment in China, bicycles and electric vehicles, such as non-motor vehicles, still have a lot of space to play, especially electric vehicles are indeed cost-effective and convenient.But there are also a lot of chaos about electric bicycles, disorderly rush, retrograde, break lights, walk motor vehicle lane, once a traffic accident, it is likely to cause casualties.So now all over the traffic control departments are in the standardized management of electric bicycles, and Beijing is also better, but now the standardized management of electric bicycles, but many times the law-abiding awareness of cyclists still can not keep up.Not long ago, the Traffic police of Qinghe Brigade of Haidian Traffic Detachment of Beijing Traffic Administration Bureau received a report from the public, saying that at the intersection of Maofang Road, there are always non-motor vehicles occupying the motor vehicle lane to turn right, which is very dangerous.Because before the Spring Festival, not around the big business circle, the general road traffic is actually reduced.Everyone’s speed is relatively fast, this time non-motor vehicles occupy the motor vehicle lane, it is easy to cause serious traffic accidents.Not only that, this section of the non-motor vehicles on the wrong side of the road, the phenomenon of running a red light is also very prominent, so the police is also aimed at these chaotic road enforcement.Faced with the traffic police, the cyclists do not care, do not know that the traffic police are coming for them.Because in the concept of many cyclists, they are riding a donkey, not under the control of the traffic police, or no one can control their own, but it is such willfulness is likely to harm them.I was stopped by the police when I was riding on the wrong side of the road.But he didn’t know what was going on. He thought there was nothing wrong with riding like this every day, and he also said that since many motor vehicles do not obey the traffic rules, he also rode like this.But the traffic police a word let him speechless: first of all to abide by the traffic laws and regulations, other people’s illegal behavior is the traffic police tube of the matter, can’t because others illegal you also want to illegal, that really have an accident, suffer is not riding!But the cyclist took it even further, not only riding in the lane, but also riding in front of the bus, leaving it stranded.There are bicyclists with children can not do a good example for children, still the retrograde, the motor vehicle road to walk the motor vehicle road, it is these unruly bicyclists take the lead, there will be more successors to follow.In the end, these cyclists paid the price for their illegal behavior, but the price was only a fine of 20 yuan, which is the so-called small punishment, small punishment for their current illegal behavior, let these cyclists know where their behavior is wrong, so that they will not make a bigger mistake in the future.Therefore, the punishment of the police is not the goal, the goal is to educate, is to correct the concept of these cyclists, so that we can avoid a lot of tragedies caused by traffic violations.