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On the occasion of tomb-sweeping Day, Yangzhou city from all walks of life through various forms, remembering revolutionary martyrs, ceaseless red gene.In the Yangzhou Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery, the staff of the Municipal Veterans Affairs Bureau carried out memorial activities for the families of martyrs who could not come to Yang due to the epidemic. They bowed deeply and looked up with deep feeling again and again, expressing their endless grief for the martyrs.In recent days, the city’s more than 30 county above martyrs memorial facilities at the same time to carry out the “memorial sweep” activities.In order to meet the needs of the people under the epidemic, the municipal Bureau of Veterans Affairs opened an online channel to pay respects to revolutionary martyrs, among which, the “cloud memorial” section has been included in the province’s 86 martyrs’ tombs.Wang Jun, director of shuangyong Office of municipal Veterans Affairs Bureau, introduced that they used new media such as wechat public account and Sailing App to live broadcast the “representative mourning” activities, and opened cloud mourning Windows on the official website to guide the public to actively participate in carrying out rich content and diverse forms of online mourning commemorative activities.With the arrival of Qingming, Yangzhou city from all walks of life have spontaneously remembered the martyrs.In Jiangdu District, the young pioneers of “Xu Xiaoxuan Squadron” of Fairy Fairy Town Central Primary School told the young people of the city about the heroic deeds of Martyr Xu Xiaoxuan through a live network broadcast.On the spot, the carefully arranged poetry recitation, songs and other programs inspired the students’ patriotic feelings.Jiangdu District Fairy Town central primary school teacher Zhang Xiaoyan told reporters that the school will use classes and morning meetings, with children to listen to stories, watch videos, let the spirit of martyrs affect every child.At the Ganxiu Military Station in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, retired cadres and officers in active service also remembered martyrs through electronic screens, and wrote solemn promises on their signature walls to carry forward the revolutionary spirit with practical actions.Source | yangzhou radio and television “sail” mobile phone channel edit | shaw overflow