New barracks, unveiled

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At the feast was the peak of military families to team apartment security standard embodies a unit construction level of the Spring Festival on the eve of the 73th army brigade bag type apartment building officially put into use in particular unit ceremony grandly held a family apartment in ▼ each room is equipped with new furniture and appliances refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, induction cooker, lampblack machine, water heater and other basic facilitiesEnsure to team’s family live comfortable, warm heart, rest assured ▼ “bag check in” standard for military families have felt the warmth of home ▼ also has a “bag” in apartment and the 72th army brigade a synthesis on the eve of Spring Festival the brigade officers and soldiers and their families to witness new temporary housing delivery using the brigade to team leader to military families and to attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new check in troops on behalf of the housing ▼ keys▼ to the forces of officers and soldiers families xi took the key in new Chinese New Year the small army of Eva ▼ room facilities “apartment” matching “serviced configuration makes a lot of families” call “too sweet” thought “▼” commi ion an engineering brigade of the 72th army also will visit apartment decorated earlier configured set the officers and men to see the life after feeling this is the “five-star” visit apartment ▼ in addition to public attentionCombine new room combat troops barracks scientific research units of affordable housing also has good news recently in the southern army a brigade, moved new home theater, formal check-in new camp ▼ straight into the new camp by cement new buildings to officers and men face is permeated with a happy smile weapons ▼ conference room, room, storage room, all kinds of functional place regular order all kinds of instruments well organized scientific ▼ libraries, LABS, and electricityChild reading room, billiards room, hardware facilities ▼ cinema VR experience combat field area, barracks sing entertainment facilities more rich ▼ mid-january marketization of academy of military sciences the first affordable housing allocation work began after the announcement, the registration, auditing, sorting, published more than 60 rental personnel to Beijing a project site selection room officers and soldiers, family members line up to choose room ▼ doAccording to the actual needs of different people, the housing allocation mainly provides three types of open room, one-bedroom, two-bedroom appliances, refrigerators, washing machines, range hoods and basic meet the needs of bag occupancy ▼ live warm heart, dry strong military!Source material: Eastern Theater Command, Pillow Ge Guanlan Glorious E home, southern land breeze, academy of Military Sciences