In Our Hot Life, Lee Seung-hyun flies a simulated plane and Chen So-chun encounters a memory problem

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Today (January 28) 12 noon, Mango TV inspirational career challenge reality show “Our Hot Life” the seventh episode will be broadcast!On the second day of professional experience in The Civil Aviation Flight Academy of China, Chen Xiaochun, Zhang Jin, Hu Haiquan, Wang Heyong and Zhang Qi, Li Chenghyun, Gao Hanyu will be divided into groups to usher in a new course.In the cabin broadcast and service class, “bag bodyguard bag steamed stuffed bun” tongue tongue so that Hu Haiquan and Wang Heyong crazy mouth ladle, even Chen Xiaochun could not help asking “do you need help”;Then the flight attendant safety course, too nervous Chen Xiaochun in the Shouting command all rely on free play, Zhang Jin was selected as the chief flight attendant with excellent performance;The three members of the flight team started the initial experience of simulated airplane flying after learning the basics of aviation. Zhang Qi calmly dealt with “extreme weather” and other dangerous situations and won praise from the instructor.Wang Heyong read mouth tongue twisters frequency gourd ladle Jordan chan asked “do you need any help” set off laughing to exercise you the ability to clear enunciation, crew training in tongue twisters, obscure “steamed stuffed bun” bodyguard package makes Wang Heyong mouth gourd ladle, also successfully in all the punchline, in Wang Heyong several attempts failed, smile to the voice of Chen xiao chun unbearable a sympathy: “can I help you?””However, Chen xiaochun was soon defeated by the cruel” reality “and reluctantly admitted:” Maybe this is the charm of tongue twisters!”At the flight attendant safety course, guests of the cabin crew will be trained to open the door in an emergency. They will not only be required to speak the bilingual command in Both Chinese and English, but also to open the cabin door within 15 seconds.Zhang Jin was the first to accept the examination. Under the instruction of the teacher, he fluently completed the commands and movements. It only took him 13 seconds to complete the task, and he was successfully elected as the chief steward.But Chen xiaochun is nervous forget words and can only play freely, keep making mistakes, slowly lose confidence he can reach the training standard of 15 seconds?Zhang Qi, Lee Cheng-hyun and Gao Han-yu will have their first experience of flying a fully automatic simulated commercial aircraft after completing the basic aviation course.Of young players, difficult to take off the ground operation to take and Gao Han were regrets “difficult” to fly, Zhang Qi quickly master the driving skills, not only helps to smooth the plane landed on the center line, also actively challenge in “extreme weather events” under special circumstances, such as flight simulation, the performance of the calm and rigorous operating won the teacher’s praise.Who will eventually get the chance to fly a real plane with an instructor?Can Chen Xiaochun, Hu Haiquan and Wang Heyong break the “circular magic spell” of “wrap bodyguard wrap bun” tongue twister?Can Chen Xiaochun, who has a memory problem, complete the flight attendant safety training?What interesting things will happen when Chang qi, Lee Seung-hyun and Ko Han-yu fly the simulated plane?Please look forward to mango TV today noon 12:00 exclusive network broadcast “Our Hot Life”!Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: