Two years bribe 5.3 million, buy a house and buy a car!Three squirrels after 90 director sentenced

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Cheng Ye, director of operations at, the flagship store of Three Squirrels Co LTD, was sentenced to three years in prison for taking bribes from non-state employees, according to a verdict released by to the document, the defendant Cheng Ye, male, born on November 16, 1991 in Jixi County, Anhui Province, han nationality, college education, director of jingdong flagship store of Three Squirrels Co., LTD., living in Yijiang District, Wuhu city.In December 2014, the defendant Cheng Ye joined three Squirrels Co., LTD.From December 2017 to December 2019, Cheng Ye took advantage of his position as the leader of the special team of the “Three Squirrels” Mouse Onye products and the person in charge of the Latiao Department of the product supply chain center to work with the defendants Cheng Haibing and Huang Hao or individually encourage suppliers to increase the supply price and ask for kickbacks, a total of RMB 5,302,377.7.Among them, the defendant Cheng Ye participated in accepting bribes totalling 53023777.7 yuan, and his actual income totalling 4088177.7 yuan.After the case, the public security organs seized and sealed the defendant Cheng Ye’s illegal gains, including a BMW car with a license plate of Anhui B×××** (the purchase value is 268,000 YUAN) and a house in Sanshan District of Wuhu city under the name of his wife Fang (the building area is 117.17 square meters, and the total price is 1141,236 yuan).Cheng Ye’s family withdrew the illegal income of 11,78941.7 yuan on his behalf.Cheng was sentenced to three years in prison and fined 400,000 yuan for taking bribes from non-state employees.Another employee of The Three Squirrels, Zhang Xiaoxiang, was also sentenced to three years in prison for taking bribes from non-state employees, according to a china-Singapore Financial news website.Prosecutors accused: between September 2016 and October 2020, the defendant xiao-xiang zhang USES its as three squirrel co., LTD., and auxiliary materials, auxiliary materials, a senior specialist position, such as illegally accept ningguo city south of the city printing and so on six business units to send money, a total of 1885365.32 yuan, help in daily business, etc.Source: