Shuanghui 90 stalk strong spike, who kind who kua

2022-06-04 0 By

The growth period of Shuanghui 90 fu was 128 days, 1 day later than that of xianyu 335.Plant height 271 cm, ear position 108 cm, ear tube type, cob red, ear row number of about 18 rows, row number of 41 grains.Orange yellow seeds, half horse tooth type, 100 weight 41.5 grams, seed rate 84.3%.Suitable for shanxi spring sowing in late ripe corn area planting.Most areas of Liaoning province except the eastern mountainous areas, Dalian and Donggang;The active accumulated temperature in Jilin Province is above 2750℃.Hebei Zhangjiakou Xuanhua District, Xiayuan District, Wanquan District, Qiaodong District, by the open area, 00:14, 00:22 long black land small program has been online scan below the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code into our “black land collection” to see it!