Jose mourinho is ready to give up his old face for a talented midfielder

2022-06-04 0 By

If mourinho had been indifferent to the signing of Camara before.After the last game, mourinho’s attitude towards Camara has changed to “must win”.However, cristante is too strong for jose mourinho to entrust him with.In the last game against Empoli, there was a lot of talk that jose mourinho should not have taken off Niles after 50 minutes or so, but should have taken off cristante and played niles and Oliveira in a double midfield.In fact, throughout the game, mourinho’s thinking at the time was that it was the best time to help the experience of cristante, Welleto and bigna with such an advantage.As everyone knows, verletto and Biniha were barely enough to look at, as for Cristante, it’s really hard to tell.Not to mention the fans’ worries, mourinho looked even more worried.According to the roma press, mourinho and pinto continue to speed up the process of clearing the squad after the match, with the main task remaining to find new homes for fazio, Thornton and diavara.While roma may be looking to clean up their ranks, mourinho and pinto are looking to make room for a third new signing in the winter window, still targeting Marseille’s camara.Bentie has previously said that with the money pinto currently has, he will have no problem taking camara. Between 10 million euros and 15 million euros, he will be able to help Kim make his decision. The key is camara’s salary demands.According to the latest reports, Camara himself is still asking roma for a salary of 5 million euros after tax without any concessions.Pinto, for his part, wants Camara to agree to a salary of 4.5 million euros after tax.As the stand-off continues, it is believed that Newcastle, Tottenham and Manchester united are also in the hunt for camara, with United in particular being offered three times roma’s wages by the red Devils hierarchy.There is no doubt that, given the current situation, anyone would prefer to play at Manchester United.So there was no chance for Rome to turn around?Not so, it seems, as roma still have one last trick to play (jose mourinho’s phone call).Think of the two signers roma have brought to the club this winter, who did not come to the club because of jose mourinho.Roma don’t have the money, that’s fine, then rely on rent, the opposing manager to intercept, that’s fine, jose mourinho directly call the players.In short, jose mourinho would rather give up that handsome old face than bring his favourite player back to the Eternal City.As for camara, the under-22 player could be a threat to the roma dressing room by asking for a maximum salary, but it would be easy to solve the problem if he were offered a minimum salary plus bonus.All in all, jose mourinho and Luis Pinto are sure to do whatever it takes to convince Camara to join the giallorossi in the last six days before the winter window closes, even if it means leaving their old faces behind.There is no way, roma are like this now, to have no money, only the old face of jose mourinho, in order to compete for four, this position must be strengthened, as for face, lost after can earn back.Well, like this iron article friends might as well click the article below the point like and small rocket boost, on the other hand, there are concerns.Friends, your every point of praise and boost is the power of this tie continue to update, pay attention to me, this tie with you to enjoy the comeback of Jose mourinho.