German Bundesliga: Red Bull leipzig VS Cologne, leipzig can’t afford to miss the champions league at home

2022-06-04 0 By

Yesterday saw a big boost and what we call Juve lived up to expectations, winning at home and going through to the next round.Arsenal’s victory over wolves and Liverpool’s victory over Leicester at home show how much the Premiership has recovered.But there was one downside yesterday, and that was Atlanta.They have been unable to find an advantage at home and were even eliminated by Fiorentina.But overall, we did improve a lot yesterday, so we can watch more today.Let’s watch the bundesliga match between Red Bull and Cologne in Leipzig without further ado.First look at leipzig side, in last week’s visit to Bayern, leipzig overall is no worse than Bayern.Decent attacks and counterattacks.Of course, the defensive error did add a lot of talk to the game.They lost 3-2 to Bayern, but leipzig have a real chance of qualifying for the Champions League.Since January this year, leipzig’s attack has been significantly improved, the defense except the last round with Bayern, but also good.We can also see from the lineup that Leipzig played more with a 3421 formation.This is also thought forward position, A seat is really can rely on the point, although with him last season A little gap, but still good.And behind him nkunku, Olmo that in the middle of the avant-courier is really a good hand.Especially Nkunku, at present his excellent performance, but also benefited from his position in Leipzig also a little further forward, there is a taste of shadow peak.And Olmo, I don’t need to say more, coming back from injury is good, is still one of the best options for the team.As for the middle and rear defense, in fact, not bad, but in the case of a strong enemy, there are really soft-footed shrimp.As for Cologne?They have certainly played better than anyone expected this season.The team faced freiburg at home in the last round and, without the manager, they still managed to win the other dark horse of the season.They also surpassed last season’s total victories.If you want to say that they want to fight for the European theater, I think they do shout it out, they probably can do it.So far in the New Year they have only had a big defeat against Bayern but otherwise they have done well and they are really top of the league.And from the last round of formation, they continue to be defensive formation.Their counter-attacks and crosses have been good this season.But let’s talk about their offense first.Especially the main attacker Modeste, as a striker, his heading ability is really great.Mark is another veteran who can step up when the team needs him.In midfield, Ozjan showed his talents in the central midfield position.Schmitz and Hector are the rear fulcrum.Cologne, at the moment, counter-attack is their best display of team style.To be fair, leipzig and Cologne are not so different at the moment.In particular, kolon beat freiburg, one of the strongest teams in the last round, even better than Leipzig in terms of morale, and now they can attack the European war zone for a long time.But the current situation is a little awkward, leipzig data even came to the high and high.There is not much difference in the state ranking, and also in the last round of Leipzig lost, cologne win under the background, the market is still very optimistic about Leipzig meaning, this really has to let a person feel the pressure brought by Leipzig.At the same time, we should also note that Leipzig did not have an absolute advantage against Cologne in recent years, this time will make people feel that leipzig this home will not be a little difficult?It really comes down to tactics and home advantage.The current Leipzig 3421 is very skilled and this formation is also used by Bayern.Overall, the offense is very strong, but the defense is weak.Faced with the counterattack strong Cologne, as long as the ball at their feet, the balance will go to the home side.This is also why the data firmly moved into high territory in the late period.Secondly, home and away, leipzig this season at home are points, natural ability strong.On the contrary cologne away has been no weakness, it is indeed not friendly for this game they visit.Together, tonight we can see if Leipzig can bounce back.The above is my opinion about this match. As for the other matches today, such as Sevilla VS Elche, Portuguese super league: Porto VS Sporting Lisbon, dog will also watch them in text form in the afternoon, you can ask me if you don’t understand.To put it simply, we have to watch the game every day.If you have any questions about today’s game, please feel free to comment in the comments section.Of course, at the end of the program, please like us and support us. Thank you.