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Please pay attention to personal protection, do not cluster, do not gather adhere to the epidemic prevention “three sets” keep in mind the protection “five also” implement the epidemic prevention “four steps” happy New Year congratulations on making a fortune happy New Year!!Today is the fifth day of the Chinese New Year. Many people will eat a bowl of hot longhua plain noodles during the New Year holiday, hoping for a smooth and prosperous New Year. But have you ever tasted the vegetarian coffee of Longhua Temple?What is the novel experience of plain coffee with plain noodles?At the end of 2021, many netizens have posted photos of drinking coffee in Longhua Ancient Temple into Longhua Vegetarian Room, which is filled with a jubilant scene.On the right side of taking noodles is the beverage window, with lemon tea, fresh squeezed orange juice, freshly ground coffee, etc. Some people want to ask: is coffee still divided into meat and vegetable?They sell both American and latte coffee.The latte, which uses oat milk instead of milk, is very suitable for vegetarians and meets the needs of lactose intolerant people, so it is called “vegetarian coffee” by netizens.The coffee beans here may not be as elegant as the boutique coffee shops in Shanghai, but the heavy feeling of winning a cup of freshly made coffee in the thousand-year-old temple adds a mellow taste of history to the coffee.The customized coffee cup Outlines the appearance of Longhua Temple and Longhua Pagoda, held up in the air, compared with the real building, is it exactly the same?The most popular food at Yonghwa Temple is plain noodles.After buying the vegetarian coffee, you can also buy a bowl of luohan noodles, which are covered with wood ear fungus, oil gluten, mushroom and radish, which makes people want to eat!Apart from arhat noodles, there are beok-yeon and porcini noodles.Here, you don’t need to worry about not enough to eat, you can have free noodles and toppings, which is the best partner of vegetarian noodles. Several vegetarian side dishes are the best vegetarian snacks for diners, and everyone who goes out has a bag, which goes well with vegetarian coffee. It is also very suitable for friends and relatives as hand gifts.The red bean crisp is not sweet and greasy, and a light tea is just the classic taste of arhat cake. It is suitable for both young and old. The chefs carefully select high-quality walnuts, melon seeds, cashews, pine kernels, peanut kernels and other nuts as auxiliary materials, after strict baking and mixing, making the nuts and salty moss perfect fusion, sweet.Take the New Year holiday, why not come to longhua Ancient Temple with your family to clock in!Eat a bowl of vegan noodles, drink a cup of vegan coffee, and buy some snacks.Comprehensive from: Xuhui Riverside Thoughtful, happy tour of Shanghai, Thoughtful Shanghai, Shanghai Xuhui part of the picture from xiaohongshu netizen editor: Ye Fangfang collation: Ning Pingying