CCTV Li Youbin’s new drama started, only 2 sets of ratings broken 1, the news broadcast force, stay up to catch up

2022-06-04 0 By

In recent months, there have been a lot of popular TV shows. Dragon TV’s “Home in the Heart” successfully captured the audience’s attention with its firework style of family life and the conflicts caused by buying a house.The final house for the end of the drama, is also more successful, and then the file “special war glory” is Yang Yang’s transformation, ratings are also more considerable.Hunan TV’s “The Rest of my Life, Please Tell me More” also earned enough face for itself, the two top streaming is not only the appearance level online, but also demonstrated superb acting, which has been recognized by many audiences.CCTV is well prepared this year, the first release of “the world” during the hit ratings repeatedly broken 2, and even broke 3, can be called the annual explosion.Now CCTV again, cast out a new drama starring Li Youbin “Qingshan Moo”, the show began to attract attention, only 2 episodes of ratings directly break 1, force pressure “Jade peach blossoms always meet”, “special battle glory” and other dramas won the second national ratings.And this drama is also recommended by the news network, with a brief introduction and broadcast time for its hype, why can this drama have such an honor?”Qingshan Moo” tells the story of three generations of forestry workers who have experienced different historical stages of production and construction, reform and opening up, and green travel. It takes half a century as the background to interpret the changes of workers’ reform.The play is very clear, the narrative is a simple narrative, with a sense of slowly narrative story.At the beginning, it first introduces the landscape of the North. In the cold winter, the snow is falling heavily, and the ground is covered with snow. All the people are crowded on the train wearing cotton hats and old jackets.Returning to the plot, the first contradiction appeared, the number of cutting tasks arranged from above is huge, almost impossible to complete, but still have to brave to go forward.Among the leaders, this is also the topic, feel that the task is too heavy to discuss with each other, but still in a predicament.For forestry workers, it is an extremely difficult task.No one among the workers is willing to take the lead, the reason is very simple, in front of an impossible task, it is inevitable to do badly, humiliating their face is small, affecting the national level is a big deal, everyone is dragging their families, once again in a stalemate.The focus of the follow-up plot is how to solve the problem. In a period drama, there are appropriate contradictions, which to some extent strengthens the observability, but also gives the audience the desire to keep up with the drama.Although Castle Peak Is a small budget drama, there is no slack in casting.Among them, the audience is very familiar with the old opera bone Li Youbin, his representative work “Bright Sword” is a classic memory in the hearts of the generation, in 2021 “Trump Card” is also standing in the feng God level acting.In the new drama, Li Youbin plays a leader who, though not deliberately, gives off an air of self-mastery.When he understood the situation, his face was serious and his brow wrinkled. Even the corners of his mouth were unconsciously underground, and his face was easily depicted with melancholy.When communicating with colleagues, it is also with some rigor, a face to seriously correct each other’s problems, eyes also with thinking and exploration, tone sonorous, with a serious feeling to give each other by warning, the role to the interpretation of the three points.Another lead yu Yang, but also acting experience, not only is a “Guandong novelle”, “sharp knife” and other good drama alongside the body, but also participated in “Celebrate more years”, “The Same as before” and other popular episodes.The performance in the new play is also commendable. When communicating with the masses, she is earnest and focused, but also seems a little depressed with the voices of doubt. She inadvertently shows the character’s state of mind, and sets up the good leader image of the character who wholeheartedly serves the people.There is a wang Luoyong, the play is a forestry worker, the face has vicissitudes of life, eyes also revealed a sense of fatigue, but also show a simple nature, each lens to are eyes in place, the role is easily interpreted.In addition, there is Yan Danchen, the childhood goddess, when she played chang ‘e in the lotus Lantern, but left a deep impression on the audience, but also participated in many good plays, acting is not to be underestimated.In a word, although Castle Peak Without Ink seems a little dull, it completely narrates the story without logic holes and looks clear. With the intention of dressing and setting, the sense of time is incisively and vividly shaped.The play is also a lot of drama bone play, Li Youbin to prove his strength, other actors also came up with an excellent state, strong joint is also excellent sense of view, if the follow-up plot is not collapse, and can continue to in-depth, the reputation of the play is stable.