The man takes “pirate ship” when to front row crazy vomit, witness: later will sit back row

2022-06-03 0 By

A man vomited wildly while riding a pirate ship at an amusement park in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, recently, involving the front passenger.On Feb 9, the video’s creator, Ms Zou, told reporters that in future pirate ships and roller coasters, “I will sit in the back seat.”Video shows a man on a pirate ship at an amusement park with vomit pouring out of his mouth in a spray.Later, the man is seen holding on to the front seat and vomiting as the ship swings back and forth.Fortunately, the first two rows of the man’s seat were empty.After the video was released, many netizens said: “The worst thing has happened.”Some netizens said that in the future, the pirate ship project will sit in the last row.Reporters verified that the amusement park is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang province.Ms Zou, who posted the video, told reporters on Feb 9 that she was playing the project and a friend was below to record the moment.”I sat in the back seat and didn’t notice that the man had vomited at first. Another friend pointed it out to me and I felt the air was filled with a strong durian smell.Later, when I watched the video, I felt he had to endure it for a while, and then he threw up.”Zou said she saw vomit spill on the front passenger even though the man was two rows away.After getting off the boat, the man was still vomiting.Zou said she will still ride roller coasters and Pirate ships in the future, but will sit in the back.Staff at the amusement park said that items such as pirate ships and roller coasters have a strong sense of weightlessness, which can easily cause discomfort and vomiting. The amusement park has designated personnel to clean up in time.Source: Extreme News