Pay attention!Puyang these two bus line operation time adjustment

2022-06-03 0 By

Tuning of about 30, 80 road bus lines operating time of the announcement of respect of passengers: for further optimization of departure time, meet the demand of the masses during peak travel, the meaning of puyang city public transport co., LTD., is now about 30, 80 road bus lines departure time optimization adjustment, first class after the adjustment the specific departure time announcement is as follows: the first class 30 road first time:First shift time of No. 80:06:50 Will be implemented from February 20, 2022.Hereby announce!Please take the first bus line 30, 80 passengers reasonable arrangements for your travel time.Puyang Zhongyi Public Transport Co., LTD. February 18, 2022 Source: Puyang Bus service platform editor: Wu Yu First review: Li Wenliang Review: Xu Hongbo final review: Yang Guang 1.The sixth Session of the eighth Municipal People’s Congress opened in 2022.3. The government work report on the people’s livelihood red envelopes, quickly collect!How will money be spent in 2022?Puyang financial report is coming!