Inspired by the Olympic spirit

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Under the Olympic spirit of volunteerism in the increasingly grim world differentiation, reveal “faster, higher, stronger” and “more solidarity”, the Beijing Olympics and winter paralympics, steadfast, strong self-confidence, to the people of the world together, the current international society “into the future together” COVID – 19 outbreak is not over yet, the influence of regional, disputes still running high, with countries and,Some deep-rooted ethnic rivalries are also threatening to increase tensions.Despite the serious interference and obstacles caused by the epidemic and political factors, athletes from 91 countries and regions overcame numerous difficulties and gathered in Beijing as scheduled to report for duty under the International Olympic Flag.Under the banner of the Olympic Rings, there is no color, no race, no war, no prejudice.American speed skater Casey Dawson traveled halfway around the world after recovering from four nucleic acid tests to arrive at the Olympic Village about eight hours before the race and finish 28th with her skates and other luggage missing.For the dream to adhere to, persistent, let him become this winter Olympics stage classic.The Beijing Winter Olympics, held at a special time and under complicated circumstances, still has many moments and stories of kindness and warmth.A video of American athlete Tessa Moder being moved to tears by a volunteer’s welcome has sparked a flood of messages and blessings from Chinese netizens.Japanese TV reporter Yoshido Tsujioka is so fond of the Beijing Winter Olympics mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” that he quickly became a celebrity and was nicknamed “Yi Dwen Dwen” by Chinese netizens.After winning the gold medal in women’s freestyle skiing platform event, Gu Ailing, a Chinese athlete, did not forget to comfort other athletes who lost in the competition. She also gave objective explanation and considerate protection to netizens’ doubts and blame on another Chinese naturalized athlete in the media conference.Yuzuru Hanyu, Japan’s figure skating star, did not complain after she made a mistake in the first jump of the men’s short program.In uncertainty, instability of the changing historical period, the countries and regions of excellent athletes in line with the desire of the cooperation, peace mission there, embodies the mutual understanding, friendship, unity and the Olympic spirit of fair play, with free competition, equal competition, brings to the troubled world spiritual comfort, unity of sunshine.These are also destined to make the 24th Winter Olympic Games, the 13th Winter Paralympic Games into the history books.In the face of severe challenges, China has the responsibility, sense of responsibility and ability to achieve its goals at a high level and honor its solemn commitment to the world.China should not only coordinate epidemic prevention and control, but also organize the games at a high level.Beijing has built what International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach praised as “an excellent Olympic stage” and “first-class venues”, providing a stage and arena for athletes to fully display the charm of ice sports and sports competition and realize their own value under the “futuristic” “closed-loop management” environment.As Bach said, “We are making history in Beijing”.The Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics have written a new chapter in the history of human sports.To achieve the goal of 300 million Chinese people on ice and snow, the global ice and snow sports pattern will be a new one.Unprecedented digital level, let more people feel the Olympic culture and wonderful;In an increasingly polarized world, the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics are confident, firm and strong, demonstrating “swifter, Higher, Stronger” and “more united”. They should join hands with the people of the world to “move towards the future together”.At the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the “Snowflake”, which was turned over, moved, transformed, collaged and assembled, opened to the sun and competed in a harmonious world of “heaven, earth and man”, and gave warm comfort and blessings to all countries, nations and people who were experiencing and suffering from various difficulties, challenges and tests.In the revival season of all things that share and construct the historical sky, we set out smiling and happy with the common dream and warmth of home of mankind.Forty-four children from the depths of Taihang Mountain sang the Greek Olympic Anthem “Ode to the Olympics” with the pure and ethereal voices of children.Five hundred “peace doves” performed by children are playing in the “ice and snow World” with the music of “Snowflake”, which is innocent, lively and lovely.The five ice rings breaking out of the ice and the photo wall of representatives from different countries walking out of the world highlight the meaning of a community with a shared future for mankind. The goodwill and warmth conveyed by each scene is just like spring breeze.Like the global love, “a pier hard to find” “ice pier pier” of solid, lovely, like the opening ceremony to the people as the leading role, to children as the protagonist of the comfortable, confident, like the huge snowflake center formed by the national guide card that green environmental protection of the “small fire” main torch of nature, calm…We can feel that the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, which are generous, reserved, thoughtful and compassionate, not only shocked the world with their exquisite and wonderful organization and service, but also called us towards the unity and common future of mankind with the power of kindness and warmth like spring.Guo Yuanyuan, Special guest commentator of Our Newspaper (the author is a member of the CPPCC National Committee and deputy Dean of the School of Culture and Communication of Capital University of Economics and Business)