Indestructible?Or “one old with four new” to play training games, TTG playoff rotation or?

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King of Glory 2022KPL Spring season, the third round of the regular season is becoming increasingly fierce, SA two groups, aspiring to the Silver Dragon Cup and world Championship points of the strong teams, are trying their best for the playoff and winner group.In the eighth week, Guangzhou TTG was crushed by Chongqing Wolves with the score of 0-3.If you have watched the game, you can see that TTG lost very miserably in this game.Judging from the performance in the game, players and coaches are not sure how to lose, and the operation is completely crushed.From the internal performance, guangzhou TTG five positions and the opposite have a gap.Especially in the auxiliary, nine tail dozen with did not wake up, a variety of confused operation to send heads.Guangzhou TTG whether in the field or shooting auxiliary, personal state is far behind the Chongqing Wolves.Even coach Xiao Feng said in the post-game interview, “TTG lost to Wolves, just bad luck.”In this state of TTG, it’s a little hard to win.Judging from the performance of the 2022 KPL Spring tournament, guangzhou TTG, the starting five, may or may not be the end of the road.In the first two rounds of spring, TTG won three games and was defeated by Chongqing Wolves and eStar in three consecutive rounds.Unless TTG’s top management can completely ignore the results, otherwise, “Neat qi” may really not last.The result of Sanya last year is probably the peak of this group!TTG may be changed, one old with four new against eStar!After TTG lost to wolves, from the recent TTG training game in Guangzhou screenshots, jiuwei, Cheng and Qingqing are all gone, replaced by Yi Nan, Promise, Shijiu and unknown Zhong Dan (most likely the second team rain empty).In other words, none of the other four of the original starting five played in practice.And from the guangzhou TTG official list, there is no substitute for the wild position, only otherwise.That is to say, guangzhou TTG training competition, should be in the test or + four substitute players run in.This lineup, with four new starters, is unlikely to play in the third round, but it can be seen as preparation for the playoffs.Since it has been proved that the same cannot be changed, why not try changing the matrix?It might work!In a way, apart from the same starting five, GUANGZHOU TTG has had three coaches and its best result was second place.In fact, this record, compared with most teams, is very good.It’s just that TTG has taken a serious step back in spring 2022.From the spring of 2021, 3-4 lost Nanjing Hero long race, to all aspects of wuhan eStarPro, and then to 2022 spring game, by chongqing Wolves.Guangzhou TTG has been declining from its status and strength in the past two years.Even kai Kai, who took over the fall of 2021, failed to stop the downward trend of GUANGZHOU TTG, making it even more difficult to laugh!Otherwise, we don’t know what effect belt four would have.But for now, at least, it can’t get any worse.Otherwise in the face of the top playing wild, performance in general, playing Wuhan eStarPro and Chongqing Wolves, otherwise can not see how much highlight operation;But in addition to the Wolf star in the face of the team, otherwise the performance, or quite commendable.The current state of TTG is that it has no problem beating weak teams like Beijing WB.But against the big teams, it’s just so-so.It depends on whether rotation will be enabled in TTG playoffs!In any case, last year’s Sirius 3 team, now only the Wolf star shining, the sky against the game without TTG, always feel something missing!