Ella cooked fermented tofu for her husband to relieve her homesickness.The chef who got stuck in show business

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“Malaysian daughter-in-law” Ella (Chen Jihua) has been married to Rice Xiang for 10 years. In previous years, she would come back to Malacca with her husband for the Spring Festival, but because of the epidemic, she has not returned to her horse for more than two years.On the second day of the New Year, Ella cooked fermented tofu, which her husband misses so much, and cooked a table of delicious food with the help of the chef god!Ella originally wanted to make fermented tofu for her husband to ease his homesickness, but she became so obsessed with cooking that she made 7 dishes by chance, including sauerkraut ribs, oysters, dried scallops, mushrooms, abalone and tofu casserole, luxurious old morning radish cooking rice, grilled Matsuzaka pork, and Small abalone cooked in Japanese brine.She named the menu for the second year of middle school as “Fat tiger Development plan” and sent invitations to ask: “Who wants to have dinner?”When netizens saw her table full of dishes, they understood her, calling her a “chef who has been delayed by the show business”, praising her as a “god of birch-kitchen” and a “god of professional kitchen”, and wondering whether she “has a part-time catering table”.Another asked if she wanted a recipe, while one person quipped: ‘Your husband needs Nasi Lemak.’Ella has previously shared her favorite lunar New Year dish back in Malaysia, which is stuffed tofu. She also shared how to make it. She also likes eating niang Sak pastry.