Dou luo: Tang three dragon dou luo pinched head beat, two people agreed to spell the soul see Tang three deep

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Hello, everyone, I am heart dust, daily take you to see douro continent from a different Angle.The progress of the fifth test of Shrek seven Strange Poseidon has been completed for the most part. According to the current development, it will not be long before seven strange Poseidon Island will leave for the mainland to open a more exciting story.Seven strange overall strength, but to say that the challenge of seven titles in turn is indeed an almost impossible task to complete, therefore, the author will Neptune fifth test summed up as “cheat”.Whether from the cartoon or novel, seven strange to complete the fifth test slot point is really very much, it can be said that from here on, the battle force system has been basically at the edge of collapse.This article mainly discusses the test of Tang SAN to challenge the strongest guardian of the seven sacred pillars, Sea Dragon Douluo.It can be said that the sea dragon duoluo in the status of the sea god island, as if the empire of the soul temple gold crocodile duoluo existence.Is in addition to the god of the sea under the most powerful, to tang three strength now want to win from his hands can be said to be impossible to complete the task.So we can see from the cartoon 195 episode tang SAN by the sea dragon Douluo pinched the head of the scene.Tang three will be hailong Douluo beating is actually in the sense of things, after all, the strength of the two of them, tang three want to win don’t eat some suffering certainly can’t explain to the audience.Just always open hanging violent beating others tang three at this time by others pinched head beating, always give a person a different kind of watching experience.After all, in a pinched head beating picture or Tang three in the sea in the fantasy of making the temple of the soul of violence.Do not know partners to see tang three dragon douluo pinched head beat there is a kind of comfortable feeling all over?Dragon dou Luo as the seven pillars of the strongest, in addition to the soul force level, soul quality is high, in fact, there is a very important factor in which, that is, he has a very terrible congenital field, “broken magic field”.The characteristics of the broken magic field is to ignore all areas of ability, which means that Tang three in the face of him, the blue silver field and kill god field is ineffective.Tang three is the most proud of the ability to pull into the high-grade opponent distance can not play any role, this is natural for tang three is very big blow, therefore, tang three in and dragon duoluo contest before, they two oral agreement only fight soul, not soul force.In order to dragon dou luo such predecessors, in the face of tang three such junior put forward this request naturally will not refuse.In fact, here can see tang three scheming really too heavy, can say, tang three although won the dragon dou luo, but it is not glorious.Dragon dou luo’s soul belongs to the soul of the attack, but tang three Hao Tian hammer has restrained all the soul of the advantage, tang three mouth said only to match the soul, but in fact is the psychological calculation of others, dragon dou luo has not used the soul technology to let the Tang three, but also by such calculations, really is pit home.Tang three sea dragon douluo pinched head beat, two people agreed to spell the soul see Tang three deep, how do you see this small partners?I am the heart dust, the daily update of the country mantex, like my content remember one key three link oh.