Clothes should be fewer but better!Just choose two of these five clothes to wear in spring

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It is believed that most women have the problem of “buying”. When they go shopping, they will buy the right clothes. The consequence of impulsive consumption is: a closet full of clothes, but they do not know which to wear.In fact, buying clothes should be “less but better”, according to the practicality and versatility of the clothing to consider whether to buy. In this episode, we talk about the five essential spring wear clothes, from these several choose 2 pieces to wear, can meet the needs of different styles, occasions.Suggest female compatriot people: clothes don’t buy blind!01, suit suit including formal suit and casual suit, according to the current trend, casual suit has occupied more than half of the market, semi-formal and semi-casual style design, to meet the needs of different occasions to wear, is very popular.Casual suit version is relatively loose, it is recommended that the first choice of pure color, neutral color, earth color and Morandi color will never go wrong, formal occasions can put the suit, trousers “complete set of wear”, the same color is also higher.For casual occasions, suits can be paired with stylish pieces.With printed T-shirt inside to create simple and fashionable folding effect, choose a high-waisted version of jeans below, “formal upper body, casual lower body” wear way to meet the needs of daily commuting.02, denim jacket jacket is still quite popular in spring wear, especially denim jacket, with fashion attributes and versatile effect, for middle-aged women can also play a role in reducing age, practicality is very strong.In addition to jeans, wide-leg pants and trousers, you can also wear a one-piece skirt, half skirt or floral skirt to create a more layered style.03, knitwear is hot when it is cold in spring, so try to choose some clothing styles with moderate warmth. Knitwear is very good.With good thermal properties, style is also rich, the basic round collar, V collar, cardigan version to choose from, with no effort to match, T-shirt, shirt and other basic can wear a fashionable sense of senior.White shirts are a must for women in the workplace in spring.First of all, try to choose basic white shirt, do not need complex design and element decoration, easy to look rustic.In terms of matching, the white shirt can be combined with a suit, wide-leg pants, jeans, or a skirt, which can meet the needs of the workplace.Windbreaker windbreaker with temperament and aura, very suitable for women with height advantage.Spring wear windbreaker as far as possible to choose pure color, waist design according to their own body and aesthetic preferences, after all, profile windbreaker is also good.Also did not have the slightest limitation on collocation, besides with trousers outfit collocation, still can make the modelling that has feminine flavour more with skirt, reveal intellectual, elegant temperament, plus the ornament such as bag, earring, necklace deserve to act the role of, promote modelling delicate degree.Conclusion: clothes are not much, everything comfortable good!Choose two out of five different clothes for spring: a suit, a denim jacket, a knit, a white shirt or a trench coat.