What happened to the Flavor of New Year?

2022-06-02 0 By

When it comes to the taste of the Chinese New Year, I remember that the old people hang a word on the mouth is: The taste of the Chinese New Year used to be only for the rich, the poor even can’t fill their stomachs, where to pay attention to what taste of the Chinese New Year?It’s good to be alive at all.What else do you care?You probably laughed your head off saying that back then.For a period of time after the common people became masters of the country, people also carried out aquaculture vigorously, but at that time it was mainly to pay off the debts of the big nose.It is said that in order to prove our solvency, we sent big Nose a whole wagon of pig’s tail, which really showed them how tough we were.But even so, during the Spring Festival, ordinary people can only present a pitiful “clear soup and little water” on the table.Now from time to time, many friends are complaining: “Every day is better and better, but the taste of Chinese New Year is getting weaker and weaker”.In my opinion, this is not a bad thing.You think ah, before all the year round it is difficult to smell meat flavor, once the New Year to eat a meal of meat will naturally remember.What is the life of the people now?Among them the truth also need not say more, as to say where the flavor of the New Year went, or suggest friends might as well listen to a few times “pearl jade white jade soup” will understand.Pictures from the network, deleted