The survey shows that overseas returnees have a higher preference for third-tier cities and below

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China Youth Daily, February 10 (Wang Congcong) As China’s economic strength increases, its attraction to overseas returnees continues to increase. Under the influence of the global epidemic and changes in international relations, overseas returnees are more willing to return to China.According to the report on the employment of Chinese Returnees in 2021, job seekers who returned from overseas in 2021 will be younger and more knowledgeable, and their preference for third-tier and lower-tier cities will increase by 24.5% year on year in 2021.The number of returnees seeking jobs at state-owned enterprises will rise in 2021.The report was released by to the survey, 83.1 percent of overseas returnees believe it is more difficult to find a job in China. The first reason for the increase is that “more overseas returnees and increased competition” (64 percent), and the second reason is that “domestic enterprises have weakened preference for overseas returnees” (39.5 percent).The geographical distribution of priority posts for overseas returnees shows that 44.5% are concentrated in first-tier cities and 34.4% in new first-tier cities, accounting for nearly 80%.In terms of year-on-year changes, the priority positions of overseas returnees increased by 7.6% only in first-tier cities, while the other regions all saw a year-on-year decline, indicating that the priority positions of overseas returnees were further concentrated in first-tier cities.Private enterprises are the main body of overseas returnees’ recruitment, and the number of priority posts for overseas returnees accounts for 58.3 percent of the total.Shareholding enterprises and listed companies accounted for 9.1% and 8.4% respectively, while joint ventures, state-owned enterprises and foreign companies accounted for 6.7%, 4.8% and 4.1% respectively.From a year-on-year point of view, the number of priority jobs for returnees from foreign companies, although low, grew the fastest, reaching 19%.In recent years, due to changes in international relations and the impact of the epidemic, the development and recruitment of foreign companies in China are showing signs of contraction, especially in 2020.It recovered in 2021. According to data released by the Ministry of Commerce, the scale of foreign investment utilization hit a new high in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 14.9%.The proportion of overseas returnees in cultural, sports and education industry was 34.9%.IT Internet, business services and finance are also in great demand for returnees, with priority positions for returnees accounting for 19.3%, 13% and 11.3% respectively.Consistent with the distribution of industries, the most demanding jobs for returnees are language training, overseas study counseling, educational administration and other teaching and training positions, accounting for more than 5%.Other occupations in the top 20 include translation, marketing/branding, banking and financial services, business, and operations.As the overseas study market picks up, the demand for overseas study counseling positions surged 87.6 percent year-on-year in 2021.The demand for overseas returnees for market and operation positions also increased sharply, and the number of overseas returnees for business operation, e-commerce operation and new media operation positions increased by more than 50%.Looking at the behavior of overseas returnees in 2021, by region, the willingness of overseas returnees to third-tier cities and below in 2021 has increased significantly, with the number of returnees increasing by 24.5% year on year.The number of returnees sending resumes to new first-tier cities in 2021 also increased by 2.6 percent year-on-year.In terms of types of enterprises, the number of returnees sending resumes to state-owned enterprises increased 3.7 percent year-on-year in 2021, while those sending resumes to listed companies increased 5 percent.Applications to private companies fell 5 per cent year on year.Recent survey data show that 30% of overseas students expect to work in state-owned enterprises. 59% of them believe that there is a “fever of taking the exam” among overseas students, among which 38.3% believe that the “fever of taking the exam” has increased significantly in the past two years.To the energy industry, 2021 mineral | | environmental protection, production | processing | | manufacturing, government nonprofit organizations (mainly academic research) in the number of returnees resume year-on-year growth in the first three, growth of 11.3%, 6.7% and 4.2%, respectively, more and more overseas entities into industry and academic research.According to the 2021 survey, 62.2% of the overseas students who are more willing to return to China consider “better epidemic control at home”, an increase of about 6 percentage points compared with 2020.In addition, more returnees, 49.4 percent, chose the factor that “life in China is more convenient” compared with 2020.In terms of the most important conditions for overseas students to apply for a job back in 2021, they still value “salary and benefits” the most, accounting for 71.6%, the same as in 2020.37.2 percent of overseas students are concerned about the development prospects of enterprises, 2 percentage points higher than in 2020.In addition, international students pay more attention to “interesting job content”, “work-life balance” and “commuting time” than in 2020. Besides salary, they pay more attention to work experience and life balance.Source: China Youth Daily client