Min Xianyi posts bikini photos in mom is Love Bean, netizen: Is she really the mother of 3 children?

2022-06-02 0 By

Sunye, a member of the Wonder Girls, showed off her slim and toned figure in a new photo.According to Korean media, Ah Min Sun-ye, a former member of the girl group Wonder Girls, posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption “Morning View” on Monday.The picture shows Sun Ye wearing a black bikini and taking a photo with the city as the background.In public photos, Sunye, dressed in a black bikini kit, is seen standing by a window with a sweeping view of the city, basking in the morning sun and enjoying her own free time.The most striking thing is Sun Ye’s slim and tight figure.Fans and netizens commented on the photos, saying, “She is so handsome,” “My sister is the best,” and “Is she really the mother of three?””My body, my appearance, my condition, and the scenery outside my window are totally amazing.”On the other hand, hYEon entertainment did not know that Sunye recently appeared in Tvn variety show Mom is Idol, and released her debut single WooAh HIP under the name of MAMADOL with Park Gahee, Park Jung-ah, Hyun Juni, Kim Go-eun and Yang Eun-ji.Born in 1989, Min debuted as the leader of the Wonder Girls in 2007. She married missionary James Park in 2013, suspended her performances, and announced her retirement from the Wonder Girls in 2015.