Hangzhou eggplant import and sales differential rate is 106.2%!Shanghai Yangfa Restaurant Co., Ltd. price gouging, heavy fine

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Abstract: Yangpu District Market Supervision Bureau quickly dealt with the price gouging behavior of Shanghai Yangfa Restaurant Co., LTD.April 4, labor News reporters learned that the Yangpu District Market supervision bureau in the recent fast handling of Shanghai Yangfa Restaurant Co., LTD. Price gouging behavior.According to the disclosure, on March 26, 2022, law enforcement officers of Wujiaochang Market Supervision Institute carried out on-site inspections on the business premises of Shanghai Yangfa Restaurant Co., LTD.After investigation, the price of garlic moss sold by the parties is 21.8 yuan /500g, and the difference rate of input and output is 81.7%;The price of cowpeas sold is 21.8 yuan /500g, and the difference rate between imports and sales is 81.7%.The price of hangzhou eggplant sold is 26.8 yuan /500g, and the difference rate of purchase and sale is 106.2%.The margin of purchase and sale of the vegetables sold by the party is much higher than the highest margin of purchase and sale of the same product traded at the business site during The period from March 13, 2022 to March 19, 2022.The Yangpu District Market Supervision Bureau pointed out that the behavior of the parties violated the provisions of Article 14, Item 1 (3) of the Price Law of the People’s Republic of China and Article 3, Item 1 (1) of the Guiding Opinions on Identifying Illegal Acts of Price gouging during epidemic Prevention and Control, and constituted illegal acts of price gouging.In accordance with the provisions of Article 6, Paragraph 1 (1) of the Provisions on Administrative Penalties for Price Illegal Acts, to raise prices too fast or too high by other means, order correction, confiscate the illegal gains and impose a fine of less than 5 times the illegal gains.Plan to order the party to correct, collect 3240.00 yuan should be returned to the consumer, if fail to return within the prescribed time limit will be confiscated, and to the party from a heavy fine of 16200.00 yuan.According to the Yangpu District Market Supervision Bureau, Shanghai is in a crucial period of decisive battle against the epidemic, and stabilizing prices means stabilizing people’s hearts and minds.Wujiaochang market regulation by Yang send wine shop in Shanghai co., LTD., bid up the price of a heavier severe illegal behavior investigation, for the residents during the outbreak of the basic life material market price is stable and orderly provides a strong support, to powerful blow of all kinds of illegal pricing ACTS, to safeguard the legal interests of the consumers.