Fuzhou, there is drama and inheritance, let opera bloom all over the country

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Fuzhou is a city full of dreams and temperatures. I still remember when I was a child, my family always got together with neighbors to eat melon seeds and listen to the tea picking opera. The whole afternoon was filled with laughter and laughter.Fuzhou tea Picking Opera, also known as “Three legs Class” and “ban Class”, is one of the important parts of the traditional opera culture in Linchuan. Its birthplace is in the junction area of Yihuang, Linchuan, Chongren and Le ‘an, and it absorbs and draws lessons from the popular Yihuang opera in the area earlier, and develops continuously.Fuzhou tea-picking drama has distinct local features, singing on the basis of the fuzhou dialect, more clear, strong rhythm, performers clever, witty, not formalized, ground performance way as soon as born, and was deeply loved by the fuzhou people, it is no exaggeration to say that no matter the time, there appeared a “class” three feet platform, there will be crowded, packed.It can be said that fuzhou tea picking opera has filled the leisure time of generations.However, with the rapid development of society and the increasing variety of entertainment methods, “Fuzhou Tea Picking Opera” has gradually lost its forward steps in front of the trend of The Times, and was once on the verge of extinction.After witnessing the decline and loss of traditional Chinese old talents one after another, in recent years, all parties in Fuzhou have also begun to save and excavate the skills of the old artists, and continue to innovate on the basis of inheritance to create new scripts with the characteristics of The Times, which are popular with the public.Inheritance: In 2012, Wan An, the fuzhou tea picking performance artist, was selected as the representative inheritor of national intangible cultural heritage.This year, she has been 81 years old, still adhere to the hand in hand with the apprentice, will fuzhou tea picking to more people, with their own actions, for fuzhou tea picking into a batch of new blood.Wan an guide tea picking in Linchuan district Fuzhou tea picking institute, Wan An was surrounded by students in the middle of the stage, explaining the fuzhou tea picking action key, melodious tea picking singing echoed in the air.Over the years, tea-picking drama actor que qingqing, Shang Shaoyun each week into city second experiment elementary school, linchuan ten list, linchuan a secondary school, explaining the tea-picking drama theory knowledge, teach tea-picking drama was skills, to arouse the students interest in the tea-picking drama, with their own actions to fuzhou tea-picking drama, fuzhou tea-picking drama to make more younger groups.Que Qingqing instructed the students to learn the peony Pavilion after the adaptation of tea picking opera, which combines western Musical Instruments with traditional opera and folk music, not only losing the traditional rhyme, but also presenting the modern aesthetic perspective, singing the strongest voice of Fuzhou!Today, Fuzhou tea show to reproduce vitality and vitality, in Fuzhou Wenchang tea show audience is the best proof, Fuzhou tea show is still popular, still in line with the development of the trend of The Times, can still stand out in the case of many ways of entertainment!Nowadays, the flowers of opera are everywhere in Fuzhou. I hope this treasure of “National heritage” can go to the whole country and the world, and shine brightly again.This article was originally published by Fuzhou Today.Xiaobian focus on big and small fuzhou, welcome friends to pay attention to xiaobian, xiaobian take you to see the side of Fuzhou